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4 months

4 Benefits of CRM for Businesses

We’re sure you’ve heard of customer relationship management. How is social media and customer relationship management interrelated? What is the need for customer relationship management if you’re a business owner today?

4 months

Ten Years of Global Financial Crisis : The Day Lehman Brothers Crashed!

By 2007, digitization and globalization had reached a decent level that the whole world was interconnected.

4 months

5 Tips While Adding Pop-ups to a Website

What are pop-up ad banners on a website? These are the boxes that pop-out when a user lands on a web page or when a user is about to exit the website. These could also pop up right when your user is in the middle of reading an article or content on your website.

4 months

4 Micro-changes to Massively Increase Your Productivity

Often we’re told that we need to make massive changes in our life or business to see better results. Case in point; Warren Buffet regularly attributes his success to the vast amount of reading he does in a day. However, as much as we’d like to earn Buffet-level dollar, we don’t really have the time to read for eight hours a day.

4 months

It Takes 24 Seconds To Make an Impression in Business

So it seems that the old adage about it taking a second to make a first impression is wrong - according to the latest research from Vistaprint it actually takes 24 times longer than that. But let's be honest, even 24 seconds isn't an awfully long time to form that vital first opinion particularly as you never get a second chance to make that first impression...

4 months

Everything You Need to Know About SWOT Analysis

Do you want to take your business to the next level? A SWOT analysis is the key to finding this out! Conducting a SWOT analysis is important to make sure your business functions in an efficient manner. Here’s all you need to know about conducting a SWOT analysis:

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