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21 days

The 1 Assumption You Always Should Make

You already know that there are assumptions that can get a leader into trouble. These include:

23 days

You Have Permission to Lead

You don’t have to be the CEO, a C-Level executive, or run a business unit to be a leader. Take for example Kevin Nussbaum. A military veteran who has worked his way into the corporate world, now manning his post as an IT professional at a mid size company. He saw a culture that needed help and a people that needed excitement. That’s when a 21-day, 10,000 step challenge was born. The excitement and health benefits this challenge provided was incredible (the group collectively walked a ¼ of the way around the earth!) Who knew a small idea like this could create such a great impact. Kevin didn’t need permission to lead. He chose to lead.   

23 days

Are You A Female in a Male-Dominated Industry?

As a leadership presence coach with female clients from Silicon Valley, I’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes for women to be successful in a male-dominated industry.

24 days

What You Must Do to Get Your Next Promotion

It didn't take long to realize who would be on the short list for promotions. They stood out like a lightning bug at night because they were doing things differently than the others. Instead of immediately putting anyone on a pedestal, I wanted to better understand their tactical moves to help codify their behavior to create more people like them beyond the few that stood out.

25 days

Career Stress and Well Being: Are they interrelated?

A recent Gallup report announced that 70 percent of Americans are either disengaged or miserable in their workplace. As the North American job industry remains governed by uncertainty its employees remain highly stressed…which explains Gallup’s findings.

25 days

The Power of Consistency

One of the most important messages I drill into people at my free events is this simple formula:

26 days

When We Have Money, We Start Making Mistakes

No one can understand the importance of values and ethics in business more than Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group, who has lived and grown through humble beginnings. Adding further to his wise thoughts, I believe, that in the world of today that is entirely driven on machines, it is important to keep our brains and hearts less mechanized and more thoughtful of the people (read valuable customers) who bring us our bread and butter.

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