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Inflexion Point, February 2019

Welcome back to Inflexion Point.

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5 Reasons Leaders Should Be Using Snapchat

At thirty-six years old, I am in an interesting position in the professional world. I am not young enough to be an expert in every new social application that comes out; however, I understand how important it is to pay attention to trends and use them to further my business. Leaders and business professionals who are ten, twenty, thirty years older than me seem to want to complain about the young professional (millennials) using (attached) to these apps. Whether they like it or not, it’s a reality of the world in which we live and do business in, and it’s not going away. Instead of digging their heels in the sand, these leaders need to use new tools to educate, engage, and enlighten their current and future employees.

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Are There Gender Differences In Workplace Communication?

What have you noticed in your workplace? Are there differences in the communication style of men and women? And, if there are, which style is better?

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Are You a Great Leader? 7 Ways You Can Tell

The feeling you get from positively impacting another person is the essence of what leadership is all about. As a leader, you want your people to focus on the meaning and mission of their work. This will in turn help them develop as individuals and as a group. I can’t think of a time where we needed leaders more than right now.

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5 Sales Strategies Not Found in How-to Books

As a salesperson, you’re trained to ask customers what they want in terms of your product offerings. That’s wise advice but it’s incomplete. If you only ask customers what they want and then give it to them, you’re missing the biggest opportunity that has ever come in front of you – the chance to sell innovation.

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India: Supreme Court upholds IBC's Constitutional validity

In an important judgement, the Supreme Court (SC) has upheld the constitutional validity of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 (IBC) under Article 14 of Constitution of India and dismissed that its provisions were discriminatory in nature.

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Heart Healthy Valentine's Day!

It seems like just yesterday when we could see Halloween candy followed by Christmas treats at every store. And then with the turn of the year, aisles of holiday décor were replaced with Valentine’s Day candy. It surely doesn’t end here; after Valentine’s Day is over; I am sure we will see confectionery targeted specifically for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. Amid all this candy, it’s time we stop and map out our Valentine’s Day survival guide.

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