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26 days

Tools which Help to Enhance your Content Marketing Skills

Thousands of rules exist in the english language that are certainly not easy to remember. In spoken english most of the rules are not always used. But, when it comes to writing, rules should be followed in a proper way.

27 days

How to Measure the Success of your Business Idea

The definition of success is different for every person. Your ideas of success may work perfectly for you in your personal life but the same logic may not be applicable when it comes to measuring the success of your business. Simply enjoying your work will not ensure a great future for your business. It is necessary to regularly analyze where your business stands currently, where it is headed and what you can do to improve it. This is imperative in building a foundation for what you want to accomplish in future.

28 days

How the Law of Opposites Propels Business Forward

Being anticipatory often boils down to the ability to see what everyone else misses. How can you do that? One way is to simply look where no one else happens to be looking.

28 days

What is Your Guest Blogging Strategy for 2018?

Guest blogging was a concept that caught on like wild fire some years ago. However marketers now question its advantages with every passing year. Former Googler Matt Cutts had declared guest blogging dead in 2014. This statement does not need to be taken literally. He did not mean that bloggers should not write content for outside publications, but that guest blogging to get links had been overdone.

29 days

What Technologies Employers Are Investing in for 2018 and Beyond

Although most candidates could care less about the technologies companies have in place to empower their candidate journey from before they apply to being hired on, when the tech doesn't work right, negative candidate resentment can certainly increase. Having the right technologies in place combined with sound recruiting processes and savvy talent acquisition professionals can keep employers competitive in today’s tight job market for full-time, part-time and contingent candidates.

29 days

5 Design Tips to Increase Productivity

Your space forms the basis and structure for how your staff operate. If properly planned, your working environment can help open up new arenas for communication and collaboration consequently, increasing employee productivity and engagement. If planned badly, it can consume time and energy prompting frustrations and negativity. This in turn leads to unmotivated staff and will eventually have an undesirable impact on staff turnover.

1 month

Female Founders: Damned if you do, damned if you don't

Entrepreneurship is hard enough already, but it becomes even more challenging if you are female. This is the closely guarded reality of the Female Founders club - a club that our gender binds us together in. Recently the news occupying the tech circuit has finally changed the discourse and lifted the veil on how genuinely hard it is to do business as a woman.