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How Entrepreneurs should Handle Failure

Everyone knows the story of Thomas Edison, the inventor of the first commerical light bulb. As with most stories, the focus is on his success and not on his failures. While it makes sense to focus on the many important inventions he brought to mankind, it is as important to learn from his way of looking at life. Edison can be said to have brought light quite literally into the world but he also brought light in another way. And this other way is his stubbornness in the face of failure.

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Unravel the Psychology of Selling

Are your sales decreasing? Do you feel like your strategies and techniques aren't working anymore? Trust me, you’ve landed on the right article.

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Why Do We Underestimate Human Progress?

How well-informed are you about the state of the world? Please try this short quiz.

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Develop a Cohesive Team to Get the Best Return on Your Energy

Whether you are a leader in your company or work for another, you consciously desire to get the best return on your energy. After all, most people have multiple responsibilities in the workplace. The obvious answer is to harness that power efficiently by multiplying it through the efforts of others.

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Social Media for Small Businesses

The journey of a small business towards fame and success is painful due to the various challenges that are encountered on a daily basis. Social media marketing has emerged as an ultimate weapon making things easier and accessible for small business owners.

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2 months

The Value of Humanising Organisations

Business as usual is no longer an option. A narrow focus on maximizing short-term financial returns has led directly to corporate scandals, environmental disasters from climate change to plastic waste in the oceans, low employee morale, distrust in institutions and the Great Financial Crash of 2007-2008. Yet amid this succession of crises, a more optimistic picture is emerging, supported by a growing body of evidence that makes an economic, as well as a moral, case for a different approach to business.