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17 days

Pros & Cons of Internet of Things

The internet of things (IoT) is a trending buzzword that has become a core technology in today’s fast-paced world. IoT is commonly known as a network of physical, electronic devices connected via internet.

17 days

What Can We Learn from Scammers in Human Psychology?

No matter what they claim, most people have fallen prey to a scam, at least once in their lives. From simple cons at the vegetable market to major scams in the stock market, everyone has a story. Once they know they’ve been had, most people get extremely suspicious as a way to counter getting tricked. A more useful reaction is to understand why you get fooled. Why do we look past what seems quite obvious in retrospect? The answer lies in psychology and the con-men know it best.

17 days

A New Trend in Private Equity?

KKR recently announced it would be changing its partnership form to that of a corporation. Why would it do that?

18 days

Leaving Us? Let Me Make it Harder for You!

The decision to leave an organisation is hard enough for any employee, so why do employers harass the person leaving? 

18 days

Time Management for Executives

One of the challenges, I have when I work with executives and their teams is the lack of time. Or how they manage and prioritize their time. Time management is an issue that we need to address in many of our sessions and to prepare for an upcoming one, I have compiled a list of insights that can be used for discussion and exercises.

19 days

5 Habits You Need to Shake to be a Better Leader

Conventional wisdom about leadership holds that great leaders are born and not made. It turns out that isn't true. Some research done by Leadership Quarterly showed that 26 percent of a leader is born or DNA and 74 percent is learned or developed.

20 days

5 Tips to Create a Digital Marketing Campaign

In today’s mobile and technology-driven world, businesses need to have an impressive online presence to succeed. Here comes the need for creating an excellent online marketing campaign strategy.