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23 days

The Best Companies Develop Leaders Instead of Hiring Them

Business markets operate in cycles. The Stock Market moves up and down. The housing market favors buyers or sellers depending on the month. The talent market is no different. At times, you may find it to be an employer's market while at others it quickly shifts to an employee's.

23 days

3 Unavoidable and Necessary Stages of a Leader’s Journey

Unfortunately, I was one of those professionals.

24 days

15 Fun Business Facts That You Probably Never Knew

I thought we'd ease ourselves into the working week with some lighthearted facts about business. How many do you know?

24 days

Design Thinking is not about Design, it's about Thinking

Design thinking, a term first referred to by famous Nobel Laureate - Herbert Simon, and popularised by David Kelley, the founder of Ideo, has gained a significant currency in corporate and academic worlds alike. Having taken courses on design thinking at campuses like ISB Hyderabad, IIM Bangalore and a couple others, and with over 30 corporate workshops later, I am increasingly getting convinced that design thinking is not (at all) about design.

25 days

Get More and Better Ideas with the Gestures Icebreaker

It is well known that our physiology can affect our psychology. If our posture is more positive then our thinking is more positive. 

25 days

How Gamification Can Alter Our Behavior

During this unique period of technology-driven transformation, the education sector has so far been slow to embrace the power of digital tools that can be used to accelerate learning. Spending time, energy and money protecting and defending conventional teaching methods only postpones the inevitable and keeps the transformative power of digital disruption, when used wisely, from taking training and education to a new level of success.

25 days

Web Design Best Practices that Ruled 2018

A website is the best marketing channel for any business in today’s digital era. It is the reflection of your business in the online world. Here are 4 Reasons to have a Website for your Business.