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3 months

How to Spot The Invisible Doors of Opportunity Surrounding You

There’s a lot of talk about doors when it comes to business and opportunities: 

3 months

3 Strong Reasons Empathy Makes You a Superior Leader

When coming up with a list of key leadership skills, it's not uncommon to see phrases like "good communicator" or "strong decision-making abilities" come up. While such attributes are certainly important, another vital trait is often overlooked: empathy.

3 months

Why the Best Leaders are Teachers and How to Become One

Everybody loves to know who the best is in their field. It could be the best sports coach, the best company to work for, or in this case, the best teacher in the world. Recently the Varkey Foundation awarded the 2019 Global Teacher Prize to Peter Tabichi. 

3 months

Is It Possible to Get Quality Treatment for Drug or Alcohol Addiction Without Health Insurance?

When struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, a person faces many challenges. The addictive substance has damaging effects on their psychological, social and physical health. And attempts to quit are generally faced with intense and dangerous withdrawal symptoms as the body cleanses itself of the toxic substance. 

3 months

Why Jack Ma's Work Ethic is All Wrong

In a recent social media post, the billionaire Alibaba founder endorsed what is called the '996' work ethic - working 9am to 9pm 6 days a week (72 hours per week). He says that workers who adopt the 996 working pattern will enjoy the "rewards of hard work'. And it got me thinking, apart from the potential of earning more money what other 'rewards' are there? No social life? No time spent with family and friends? No focus on physical and mental health?

3 months

Benefits of a Strong Brand Identity

In this highly competitive business world, it is important to have a strong brand identity in the market to distinguish yourself from your competitors. A strong brand gives your business a different personality and builds a better presence in the market to attract customers. 

3 months

3 Crucial Skills For Leading Without Authority

With flatter management structures, increased outsourcing, the move toward collaborative cultures, and the ongoing formation of cross-functional teams, the criterion for the job of leader is changing. More and more people are assigned to leadership roles in which they have no positional authority.