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7 Signs You Are On a Path to Becoming a Great Leader in 2019

Everyone wants immediate results, but that's rarely the case, regardless of whether you're attempting to lose weight, improve revenue, or develop as a leader. That's because results, especially the ones with a lasting impact, are the byproduct of doing the right things each and every day.

1 month

Taxes on Property Purchase – And How to Save On Them

If you are looking to buy a property or have already invested in one, you will know that there are tax implications involved. Let's first examine the tax on property purchase and then elaborate on how one can save on it via tax exemptions and deductions.

1 month

How Santa Claus Knows If You’ve Been Naughty Or Nice

Have you ever wondered how Santa Claus determines whether to leave you a present or a lump of coal on Christmas Eve? How he knows if you’ve been naughty or nice? I don’t have any hard evidence to back me up, but I’m pretty sure that he must be a first-class lie detector.

1 month

The Importance of Human Touch in a Digital World

Most of us use our cell phones and computers to inform, make requests of, and collaborate with co-workers, clients and customers. The digital age has connected people across the world, making e-commerce and global networking a reality. But does this reliance on technology, also mean we are losing the ability to effectively communicate with each other in person?

1 month

How to Build a Brand Online

Branding your business online, is it essential? To answer that question, consider this scenario. What is one thing everyone wants to know when you meet them for the first time? It is: Who are you? In this digital age, most social and business interactions are online. And just as in real life, people online also want to know who you are. Branding your business online will satisfy those inquisitive minds and it often sets off a chain of fans or followers. Therefore it is vital to have a few good business branding ideas.

1 month

Keeping Up is a Fool's Game

Many business consultants agree that benchmarking is imperative to strategic planning. By using metrics, a business will study the practices, designs, and financial outcomes of industry leaders with one distinct purpose: To keep up with the pacesetters.

1 month

4 Effective Content Marketing Tools you Must use

“Content marketing” has definitely become a buzzword, where people are interacting more over the Internet than the real world. Content marketing is one of the growing trends of digital marketing. With more and more organisations publishing useful content to their customers, content marketing has become a necessity to establish authority and define your brand in the digital era. 

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