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27 days

Which Mobile Gambling Apps are Best?

Over the last 10 years mobile gaming has been taking over online casinos slowly but surely. Today more people are playing online casino games from their mobile phones than are playing from their computers. If you want to gamble from your phone or tablet this guide will help you find some of the best online gambling apps for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices.

27 days

You Can't Be a True Leader Without This

As I opened the email with the subject line "unauthorized use of email list by your organization" I was eager to see what was inside. In big bold letters it read "Your organization has not licensed the use of this information."  It was clear, without knowing, we had made a mistake of using an email list that we were not authorized to use. The email list was filled with thousands of business leaders tasked with the development of employees -- people our company could directly help. It was painful to read, because this list was a major key to our marketing strategy for our new mobile learning platform.   

27 days

Using Google Analytics to make Business Decisions

Most businesses continuously face the challenge of generating leads as the most pressing need in their marketing efforts. Every day presented a new road-block and there was no way forward apart from drawing of patterns and trends based on traditional wisdom and tools which were primarily rested on predictive studies. This was basically because organisations lacked the magic which was hidden in numbers. Then came a new dawn in 2005 when Google after its famous acquisition of Urchin, launched Google Analytics.

27 days

How Cloud Technology is Enhancing Small Business Accounting

While modern accounting software is undoubtedly leagues ahead of traditional pen-and-paper solutions of the past, it’s not without its drawbacks. Offline accounting software lacks security and is prone to data redundancy. Changes made on one device usually don’t reflect on another, resulting in a lot of additional admin work.

27 days

Four Things to Enhance Your Website’s Appearance

 Want to know how to make an appealing website? Find out how in this guide. 

28 days

The Wonderfully Destructive Habit of Procrastination

How often have you decided to do something & then pushed back with excuses like:

28 days

7 Signs You are On Your Way to Being a Bad Leader

I couldn't believe he didn't know it. Everything was right in front of him. However, instead of seeing it and verbalizing it to me, it was one excuse after another. First, it was his team's fault, then it was the lack of resources provided by the company, and finally, it was the industry as a whole to blame.