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Designing Services for the Distributed Organisations of Tomorrow

Disruptive technologies like blockchain are redefining how organisations are structured and unearthing fresh opportunities for innovation in service and experience design.

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Chatbot Champions – Training Bots Using Human Senses

As the Olympics kick into high gear, I’m looking forward to watching people who were once ordinary humans perform superhuman feats. This doesn’t happen by accident. These humans have worked incredibly hard to do things we didn’t think were physically possible a few years ago, and with each Olympics, we see new records broken. That’s what’s happening in AI for customer experience. By incorporating human senses, and with lots of training, super-human feats are possible.

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These Songs Will Dramatically Improve Your Work and Writing

As I walked down the hall, cruising through pods, the only acknowledgment of my existence were simple hand gestures. A few people people gave me a wave, others threw up an air fist pump, and a few ignored me. What was interesting was each and every person I passed was doing the exact same thing. They were all wearing headphones and listening to music. 

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Protecting Your Intellectual Property, Products and Brand

The technology change curve continues to steepen, with an increasing number of entrepreneurs developing innovative processes, services and products. When you create and drive growth on a global basis, it’s imperative that you capture and protect your intellectual property (IP). In fact, how well you protect your intellectual property could ultimately be a major key to success.

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9 Step Guideline Describing Pay Per Click Marketing

Belonging to today’s era, we’re sure you’ve heard of PPC or Pay Per Click advertising. But do you know how pay per click really works? If you’re looking to figure out how it works, you’ve landed on the right article!

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If You Could be the CEO of any Company which Would it be and Why?

Look out Mark Zuckerberg, Hillary Clinton wants your job. At a Harvard University event on leadership last week Mrs Clinton was asked which company she would like to become the CEO for and why: her immediate response was Facebook because of the immense power it has over the world’s flow of information (fake or otherwise).

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Real Habits Preventing You from Being an Great Leader

I brush my teeth everyday but I floss just a couple times a week. What’s the difference?