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9 months

8 Lead Generation Marketing Strategies for Success in 2018

Lead generation is the backbone of business growth! The more leads you generate for your business, the more opportunities you create for success and revenue generation. Content is the fuel in your lead generation process. Content is what attracts your users in the first place. So, if your content is able to convey the right message to your audience, you are likely to achieve even more success.

9 months

India’s Trump Card: Why the American President is a Blessing in Disguise

While a large percentage of people everywhere are sending a lot of well-deserved criticism Donald Trump’s way, his strict immigration policies are actually a blessing in disguise for India. For years, we Indians have been complaining about the ‘brain-drain’ that has taken over the country like a fad that refuses to die down. Well, this might just be the time when it does die down.

9 months

5 lessons I learned after watching The Intern - Journey of a Mompreneur

A couple of years ago, I recently had the golden opportunity of watching the movie “The Intern”. I rarely watch movies and this is not a movie review. But “The Intern” is worth its weight in gold with its life lessons especially if someone is on an entrepreneurial journey like me and I am taking this opportunity to share my learning via this article.

9 months

Harley Davidson Set to Launch Electric Motorcycles

The automotive industry is racing to introduce more electric vehicles, as the rhetoric by authorities and governments across the world increasingly shifts to curbing usage of highly polluting fossil fuels. To avoid being hit hard by sudden policy changes and also because of their rising environmental consciousness, they are shifting to cleaner technologies to run automobiles and bikes.

9 months

Apple Shines in a Gloomy Tech Earnings Season

In an otherwise gloomy tech earnings seasons, with giants such as Tencent, Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix having reported significant losses, Apple has managed to buck trend.

9 months

Which is More Valuable to My Brand, a Big Benefit or a Narrow Focus?

Your brand should be big enough to matter but narrow enough to own. Your business creates the most value when it solves a meaningful customer need – in other words, is big – yet does so in a way only your business can, and thus is narrow.

9 months

Why Most Brands Get VR Wrong. And How They Can Get it Right

PHD’s 2017 book Merge predicted how a handful of technologies will play a vital role in the inexorable union of man and machine over the next 20 years.

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