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9 months

Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Growing a small business and ensuring its success is not an easy task due to the fierce competition, when compared to big brands that already have a strong foothold. Hence in the initial years, the success of a small business can be uncertain unless you have formulated a strategized way to reach out to customers who are in need of your products or services.

9 months

Tips For Women Heading For The C-Suite

My special project when coaching female leaders is to improve their influence and impact skills -- in short, their leadership presence.

9 months

What Modern Leaders Definitely Get Right

When you see a red light on the stove, you assume the stovetop is hot, and therefore, don't place your hand on it. In this case your assumption is correct and it protects you from harm. That’s because, we process information through filters that help us make decisions based on previous experiences and information. But making assumptions doesn’t always have positive outcomes. For example, if you start a new job and assume the day begins at 9am without asking anyone, you run the risk of being late.

9 months

Artificial Intelligence will Lead to Fewer Jobs. So What Should Businesses do about it?

I’ve been asked many times recently to comment on how the rise of AI will impact the jobs and the economy, particularly in customer service and contact centers. I’ve seen wildly differing forecasts, from the dire predictions of Elon Musk to the optimistic predictions of Accenture. According to Forrester’s recently released ‘The Future of Jobs’ report, robots will take 24.7 million jobs by 2027, but create 14.9 million new jobs in the same period. There is no doubt that AI will impact jobs globally more than any other technology in our lifetime. The key question is “what should we do about it?”

9 months

How to Write a Successful Blog Post

As of today, there are over 500 million blogs on the Internet. While you are read this article, hundreds of blogs are being published on the Internet. The number keeps growing every second. Even though blog posts are being published at a fast rate, there are only some blogs that become successful.

9 months

4 Powerful Leadership Lessons From a CEO Who Helped Transform a Major Bank

Success is often thought to be easy when you are not given the entire picture. Many may assume that notable business leaders experienced smooth sailing to the top of their respective industry. But in most cases, quite the opposite is true.

9 months

The Impact of Digital Technologies on Marketing Strategies

Technology is a word that was first coined in 1829. But does it mean the same thing in 2018? Probably not! We live in an era of technology. Take a close look at your own lifestyle. It is the reason you’re reading this article. Technology is what helps us start and end our days. Whether it’s your smartphone or your automatic car, technology has seeped through our lives. Technology has enabled millions of inventions that have had a great impact on improving our lives and making us more efficient.

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