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10 months

Web Design Best Practices that Ruled 2018

A website is the best marketing channel for any business in today’s digital era. It is the reflection of your business in the online world. Here are 4 Reasons to have a Website for your Business.

10 months

Pros and Cons of PPC

Pay per click, aka PPC, is one of the most effective ways to reach an audience that is looking for products or services offered by a business. PPC ads are basically the ones that you pay for to appear on top of Google search results.

10 months

Four Questions for Entrepreneurs

If you are planning a new product or a new business then you will probably need to get some approvals. You might need to raise some finance. In either case you have to convince some sceptical decision makers. Here are four key questions that they will want you to answer:

10 months

Why Modern Leadership is So Hard

In many ways the current beliefs and thinking around leadership seem amazing compared to the leadership beliefs of prior generations.  

10 months

The Power of Branding

Do you own a business? Does your business have a strong brand?  What is a strong brand? A strong brand is one that is able to convey everything about its business, its values, mission and vision. It is more than having just a brand logo and a brand tagline. Check out our article on why your brand needs more than just a logo.

10 months

White Hat Link Building Techniques

If you have a business with a website and online presence, chances are that you’re also implementing SEO for your business. In that case, you should also be implementing link building for your business as it helps push up your rankings on Google. But before we step into white hat link building, let’s understand link building.

10 months

How to Be an Authentic Leader

You aren't a perfect leader. You probably don’t claim to be because you know you never will be.