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10 months

Want to Learn What The Best Teams Do? Take These Lessons From the World Cup

The World Cup is currently going on in Russia and it attracts the largest audience of any sporting event in the world.

10 months

PSD2 and APIs: How Open Banking will Unbundle Financial Services

Regulations often hinder innovation rather than boost it, but PSD2 could radically change the relationship between banks and consumers — one where trust is everything.

10 months

6 Factors Affecting the Success of a Small Business

As a business owner, we’re sure you’re excited about the journey of building and growing your venture. But are you aware of the things that cause the success or failure of a business?

10 months

Premortems: Reflections of the Future, Not the Past

Most everyone is familiar with postmortems, at least in a medical sense. With regard to medicine, a postmortem is conducted to determine why a person has died.

10 months

5 Emerging Trends in Branding for 2018

“Digital Marketing”, a term you must be familiar with today, was first used in early 1990s. If you trace the evolution from way back then, you’ll truly realize how digital marketing has evolved.

10 months

7 Effective Website Marketing Strategies to Increase Conversions

A professional website is the representation of your brand and your company's culture. It should be aligned with the mission and vision of your brand. Your website is the best marketing tool at your hands and as a business owner, you should take your website more seriously.

10 months

6 Tips to Build the Perfect Video Marketing Campaign in 2018

If you spend enough time on the Internet these days, you’re bound to notice that videos are taking the lead in terms of the type of content most enjoyed by users. The statistics on video marketing are enough proof that Video Marketing is trending in 2018. Video marketing will account for more than 70% of consumer traffic. Mobile video ads will grow 5 times faster than desktop and the landing pages with videos will have better conversion rate.

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