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8 months

Would You Join a Firm if Your Predecessor has been Sacked?

If that question was aimed at me, my immediate answer would be, “of course!". Did I hear you say, "it depends?" Well, on second thoughts, I may not disagree with you. However, as unnerving as it might be to step into the shoes of a failed predecessor, there are talent who are courageous enough to take up the challenge especially if the incident is hardly recurring within the organization and particularly for the role.

8 months

All about Cloud Computing

We’re sure you’ve heard of cloud computing, but do you know how cloud computing works? How is cloud computing influencing the IT and other industries? You're probably using cloud computing right now, without even realizing it! From data storage to communicating with colleagues and friends, all devices use cloud computing.

8 months

Artificial Intelligence in 2018 – The Great Shakeout and Other Trends

In 2017 AI was everywhere. It seemed like every company added “AI” to their software whether it truly leveraged artificial intelligence or not. So let’s start with a definition of AI. Merriam-Webster defines it as 1) a branch of computer science dealing with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers, and 2) the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior. Put through that basic filter, I believe will we see a big “AI Shakeout” in 2018.

9 months

Digital Marketing for a Luxury Brand

There was a time when traditional marketing such as print and radio were considered the best way to connect with your audience at large! However, with the rise of digital marketing, things have changed drastically. Now for engagement, brands find digital marketing channels more quick and effective. With digital marketing, your brand has a much better shot at a strong presence online and thus, increases the chances of customers returning back. 

9 months

6 Relevant Reasons Leaders Should Be Using Social Media

In the 1980's and 90's, most employees didn't know a thing about their leader outside of work. In the 2000's, it became more acceptable to know leaders on a personal level. Today, it's become the norm for employees to not only know their leader on a personal level but to be connected with their leader on social media.

9 months

Designing Services for the Distributed Organisations of Tomorrow

Disruptive technologies like blockchain are redefining how organisations are structured and unearthing fresh opportunities for innovation in service and experience design.

9 months

Chatbot Champions – Training Bots Using Human Senses

As the Olympics kick into high gear, I’m looking forward to watching people who were once ordinary humans perform superhuman feats. This doesn’t happen by accident. These humans have worked incredibly hard to do things we didn’t think were physically possible a few years ago, and with each Olympics, we see new records broken. That’s what’s happening in AI for customer experience. By incorporating human senses, and with lots of training, super-human feats are possible.

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