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3 months

Alluring Truths of Being a CEO

“Time isn't the main thing. It's the only thing.” - Miles Davis

3 months

What Leaders Must Do to Keep Talent

As I sat, waiting for my friend to finish her 10-minute brain dump, I made notes of all her key issues working for her current employer:

3 months

Solve Problems and Innovate as an Anticipatory Leader™

Anticipatory Leaders™ understand that we are at a unique point in human history, filled with waves of disruption and opportunity. We are doing things today that were impossible just a few years ago. If you look at the Hard Trends that are shaping the future, you can easily see that we will be doing things two years from now that are impossible today. That means the old rule, The Big Eat the Small, is being replaced by a new rule, The Fast Eat the Slow. They know this new reality is driven by the exponentially increasing rate of technology-driven change. Many wonder why so many established organizations of all sizes are moving so slow. The answer is simple: they think they are moving fast. But in this new era, they’re actually moving slower than they realize.

3 months

5 Internal Struggles Leaders Face Every Day

The interview was off to a good start. He was smart, confident, had an impressive resume, and carried himself well. I then asked him one of my favorite questions, “What do you really want to do?” He had yet to pause the entire meeting and then fired out another confident response.

4 months

6 Effective Sales and Marketing Tips

Sales and marketing are the backbone of a business. It is the driving force that is responsible for generating revenue.

4 months

Why A Comfortable Workplace Promotes A Positive Attitude

Kara hurried out of her office and slammed the car door in frustration as she sped out of the parking lot. Her boss gave her a bunch of papers to be signed by a new vendor they were using for a customer relations software package. As usual, when leaving the corporate office, Kara felt stressed, tense and about ready to come out of her skin. At first, she had been excited being hired by a successful company and figured going to work in their sleek new office building would be great. After three months, however, she felt like snapping at everyone in sight. Today was no exception as she gave her opinion aloud of all the drivers in her way who seemed to have no business on the road.

4 months

Don't Miss AR's Amazing Opportunities

Augmented reality (AR) is a new industry growing at an exponential rate, loaded with opportunities for job creation. It offers a playground for entrepreneurs who want to use the certainty of Hard Trends to their advantage.