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10 months

It is Arriving - Blockchain Accounting and Audit

In the accounting world we have had two approaches to write accounts: Passing single entries or just making notes of what transactions we did and with whom. But it never really helped us as it did not show the other side of transaction and never gave a full picture of the financial position of an entity. Then came the double entry system of book keeping and accounting which solved all the problems that the single-entry system had. It showed us two sides of the transaction i.e Debit and Credit, which revolutionized the accounting world forever.

10 months

Demystifying the Killer Robots Myth

If you’ve seen the movie “Snakes on a Plane,” you’ll recall the scene where Samuel L. Jackson uses some colorful language to describe how fed up he is with all the snakes on that plane. While I’m going to use less colorful language here, substitute “killer robots” for “snakes” and “the conversation about AI” for the word “plane,” and you’ll understand how I feel. Even if you haven’t seen it, you get the idea.

10 months

People Don't Know What They Want - A New Maxim to Focus On

Today, all industries across the globe are running to achieve a remarkable customer experience to gain market share and increase their engagement. 

10 months

Do you Want Results? Reward Behavior

In a previous article, I discussed the essential value of encouraging innovation on an organization-wide scale. To help achieve that, I addressed varied ways to nurture an innovative culture, including financial rewards, time off and the flexibility to work from a place that’s inspiring.

10 months

YouTube Marketing Essentials

Content is king, but in what form is it most loved by people? If you said video, you’re right! Videos are now the most consumed form of content on the internet. Whether it’s cat videos on Facebook or Yoga videos on Instagram, video marketing is the future. With video marketing on the boom and YouTube being the second largest search engine after Google, it has unlimited opportunity associated with it, if used wisely.

10 months

Has Amazon made Brands Irrelevant?

Quite the opposite: the democratizing nature of the web makes brands even more crucial. These days, it’s deep merit, not deep pockets, that drives business success. Old-school media outlets and brick-and-mortar stores were built on scarcity, so the advertising and shelf space went to businesses with the highest budgets. There is no such scarcity on the internet. A business does not need a large budget to be on social media or have an e-commerce platform.

10 months

Cannes Can Change For Good - Lions 2018 Preview

The 65th Cannes Lions 'Festival of Creativity' gets underway next week following a watershed reinvention of the conference making it far more inclusive and affordable.

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