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11 months

Don't drown! A single step to avoid becoming a “burnt out entrepreneur”

This is addressed to Entrepreneurs who are determined to become “financially independent” and I will show you how.

11 months

Seven Verbs describe the actions of Innovative Leaders

Leaders of innovation have a bias for action. They get on with things. No matter how well the business is doing they are not content to settle for what has been achieved so far; they are restless to try new initiatives. These seven verbs describe some of their key actions.

11 months

How to Explain the Future of Artificial Intelligence using only Sci-Fi films

I’ve just finished reading the book Life 3.0 by physicist & AI philosopher Max Tegmark, where he sets out a series of possible scenarios and outcomes for humankind sharing the planet with artificial intelligence.

11 months

Increasing Incidence of Cryptojacking Threatens Internet of Things

IoT devices are vulnerable to cyber thefts that have made them prime targets for criminals aiming to score digital cash.

11 months

Is your Organisation a Frog in a Slowly Heated Water?

Many organisations today are like a frog in a slowly heated water. Unaware of the forthcoming danger, complacent, unwilling to change, shift to a better place, jump out of the increasingly dangerous hot water and move to safety. They are surfing on the edge of chaos - markets change faster and faster, unforeseen influences require quick adaptation, and changing demographics of the workforce demands different management practices. Many businesses are becoming global, helped by advances in connectivity and digitisation. This means that competitor profiles are constantly shifting and there is an increasing emphasis on innovation, cooperation and collaboration.

11 months

All About Machine Learning

As we race ahead into the Digital future, we must know about the driving technologies behind it. The rise and the excitement of technologies are not coming to an end anytime soon. So as a business owner or marketer, it’s important to stay updated about all the technologies that can benefit a business. That brings us to exploring machine learning, advantages of machine learning and how we can use it. While the concept of machine learning has been around for a time, there is still a lack of awareness of what machine learning is.

11 months

Cognitive Performance — The Human Side of Cognitive Computing

As a leader, your responsibilities exist on the cognitive side of your business, where you think critically, make complex decisions, collaborate among your network, communicate with your stakeholders, comply with regulations and monitor uncertainties, to name a few. These activities represent your cognitive work. Given today’s rapid growth in organizations using AI, you are most likely exploring the current state of cognitive computing and how it can help you with your responsibilities beyond the collection, storage and retrieval of data through computers as data appliances. You are also considering how the highly marketed definitions of cognitive computing from IBM Watson can help you?