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6 Ways Your Business Will Benefit from Having an App

The days when small businesses had to rely on handing out flyers and word of mouth for marketing because they couldn’t afford billboards, television and radio advertising are long gone. The internet has opened up a wealth of opportunities for businesses of any size and budget to effectively market themselves to a global audience.

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Connecting Communication and the Web Through Dynamic Email Building

AMP email builder provides a wide array of tools that allow you to customize and actualize your emails on a whole new level. It is a tool that is useful for individuals, businesses, companies, and educational settings alike. It enables a new level of customization, as well as a revolutionary take on integration between the web and email servers.

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Bugging Out - Insects Become the Latest Health Food Trend in Supermarkets

Would you swap your corn chips for crunchy crickets? What about your macaroni for some moreish mealworms? Well all you have to do is just pop down to your local supermarket for a bag of barbeque flavour cockroaches.

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3 Guaranteed Failures Every Leader Will Face

As lovely as it would be to have a smooth, easy path to success as a leader, failure is an inevitable part of the process. The stories of some of the great leaders of all time are filled with more failures than success. Take Abraham Lincoln, for example; he was defeated or rejected from public office seven times before ever being elected as the President of the United States at age 51. A combination of his determination and the ability to learn from earlier failures was key to his eventual success as a leader. 

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Leveraging Customer Feedback for 16x Growth of Annual Revenues

Global Account Transformation opportunity - Got an opportunity to join a company known for its world leading sales and go to market strategies. Globally this company had identified 55 accounts which contributed 40% of it's annual revenues and each account was led by a "Global Client Director" (CD). My first assignment as CD was to transform one of these global accounts with whom they had a fraction of their fair wallet share and was right at the bottom of this list of 55 accounts. This customer is a very progressive organization which values partnership and has it's presence in India, SAARC & African nations.

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Top Five Database Management Trends for 2019

Data is more important than ever to businesses and individuals alike. Data can provide several different benefits to companies. This includes helping them create relevant or sought after products, or even helping them optimize how their business is run. 

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Integrity and Homework to Win in the Marketplace

This was the beginning of the internet era and I was working for a company as a pre-sales head.