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29 days

What Really Motivates Entrepreneurs?

It seems that entrepreneurial spirit is alive and kicking with a reported 62% of U.S citizens wishing to establish their own business. A recent report by Vistaprint delves into the reasons why Americans want to launch their own venture and some of the results may surprise you...

29 days

6 Characteristics of a Good Digital Branding Company

What is digital brand building? How can you initiate a successful digital brand building campaign? When should you hire a digital branding consultant?

29 days

7 Choices the Best Leaders Make in Order to Be Successful

Traditional corporate leadership approaches adopted by many organizations over the last 50 years use a top down hierarchical approach, where managers are ultimate authority figures over their people. While the tide has gradually shifted towards a more modern approach of servant leadership, unfortunately we still have a long way to go.

30 days

7 Essential Tips for Using Twitter for Business

Twitter is a microblogging service and social network rolled into one. It enables its users to send and read each other's updates known as tweets. With the number of monthly active Twitter users beyond 330 million, it is not surprising that it is valued at $16 billion!

1 month

When Leaders Aren’t Ready for Innovation

Building a company culture that embraces innovation and encourages networking relies heavily on supportive leadership from the top of the organization. A shortage of such leadership from the top presents a major challenge to corporate innovation teams leader.

1 month

What Do You Do When Somebody Calls you Pretty Face?

“You look very pretty Rita” exclaimed our prospective customer. Embarrassed by his compliment I hurriedly looked at my colleague. Rita grinned at me and told him, “My husband was the first to compliment on this today”. The guy almost froze to the spontaneous reaction. The stunned customer never said a thing till we walked off his office. I gave her a high-five for her presence of mind as we left the building.

1 month

5 Reasons Why Cycling is the New Golf

Back in 2016, I wrote an article about how cycling was beginning to usurp golf as the executive sport of choice. With cycling now well established with all generations of business professionals I've decided to look at the reasons why cycling has been so readily adopted in favour of golf.