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10 months

Rise of the Machines - will AI lead to Super Intelligence or Doomsday?

Ray Kurzweil is Google's director of engineering and a highly accurate futurist who has predicted that machines will surpass human intelligence by 2045. This tipping point is termed the 'singularity' and the implications of computers becoming more intelligent than their makers has divided opinion in the scientific and technological communities.

10 months

The Power of Pre Mortems

In a medical setting, a post mortem has a rather grisly context—an examination to determine a person’s cause of death and other contributing medical factors.

10 months

Brand Mission, Vision or Illusion?

A great brand needs direction. The brand’s mission statement, which in the case of the corporate brand is the company’s mission statement, helps articulate “why the brand exists?”

10 months

Amazon's HQ2 Strategy is Genius. Here's Why.

Amazon is constantly in the news, but today, the most anticipated move in Amazon's history seems to be the announcement of its second headquarters, HQ2. 

10 months

Is the Bitcoin More of an Environmental Gamble?

Disclaimer first: I am as comfortable with the concept of bitcoin as Indian cricketers are on Australian pitches. Few days earlier, a student of mine asked me “Sir, should I invest in Bitcoin or should I go for Ethereum?” Now, I do make a few petty investments here and there, but I certainly don’t know how I achieved the reputation of being a cryptocurrency-consultant. Nonetheless, I (visibly rattled) muttered something, which no cryptologists can probably decipher. Yeah, that student is never coming back to me again.

10 months

Entrepreneurship: Is it the Best Time to Launch Your Business?

The United States has long been the natural home of the entrepreneur but recent reports suggest that Americans are less likely to start a company now than in the past four decades. So what has led to this worrying decline in home grown entrepreneurship? And does this low point offer an ideal opportunity to launch your start-up?

10 months

Base Rate Neglect and Why Do we Fall for it?

I recently finished reading "Thinking, Fast and Slow" by Daniel Kahneman. It is one of the best books I have read in my life, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone. Daniel Kahneman talks in a riveting manner about various cognitive biases and fallacies that influence our thinking. These fallacies and biases hinder us from making rational and correct decisions. The book is full of interesting examples and case studies. One fallacy particularly appealed to me. It is known as base rate neglect. 

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