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1 year

Want a Flashy Car to Impress? Don't Bother, the Opposite Sex isn't Interested

Burning the midnight oil so you can buy a Bentley? Putting in the hours to purchase a Porsche? Well if you are looking for love then all your efforts might well be in vain…

1 year

Time we Stopped Over-romancing a Career in IT?

If the IT Industry, with access to the best of talent and financial resources, did not anticipate its future and re-skilled its own people or guided the institutions to produce what they wanted in all these years, who else can be blamed?

1 year

Inflexion Point - Part 3

Welcome back to Inflexion Point, the monthly on the ideas and practices from the sphere of Innovation, Creativity, and Strategy.

1 year

Artificial Intelligence: A Question of Data

Business people, not to mention the public on a global basis, are getting increasingly excited, as well as concerned, about the potential of artificial intelligence (A.I.)—so much so that China’s growing involvement in A.I., and the vast quantity of data that China is capable of generating on a daily basis, has many wondering if the U.S. will be a leader or follower in this important technology category as the future unfolds.

1 year

When Experience Becomes Liability

When you faced interviews for your first few jobs, did you get rejected for lack of experience? I am sure then you wished you had more experience! Fast forward, every time you got a service anniversary trophy you must have beamed with pride, but now, is experience becoming our enemy?

1 year

6 Easy Steps to Become an Influencer

In some of my recent posts, I wrote about the importance of building a corporate networking culture, how to better sell your vision and ideas and how you can use social media for innovation efforts.

1 year

Things to Keep in Mind While Using Twitter for Business

Twitter is a powerful social media vehicle, but are you using the 280-character limit platform to the fullest?