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10 months

Body Language Myths That Limit Success

Body language plays a key role in your career from your first job interview to the ongoing process of building professional relationships to being perceived as having leadership presence. But not everything you’ve heard about body language is accurate. Don’t limit your success by buying into these ten myths:

10 months

The Power of Emotion at Work

Let’s play a game. Here are the rules: We’ll be asked to split a sum of money. I get to make the split and you get to choose whether to accept or reject the split. And if you reject it, both of us will walk away empty-handed.

10 months

Sharenting - Why Parents Need to Think Before they Post about their Kids on Social Media

Sharenting is a term used to describe parents who post almost every event in their child's life on social media, often without their knowledge. It's become so irritating to some people that there is an app called that will replace any kids pictures in your feed with something you love (like bacon or cats).

10 months

Lionel Messi, Tom Brady and Usain Bolt Got Better – So Can Your Innovation Team

Even the best can always get better. Just think of the above top athletes.

10 months

Want to Be a Better Leader? Stop Commanding and Do This Instead

If I asked you to close your eyes and visualize a leader, what image would come to mind?

10 months

10 Of The Best WeChat Mini Program Case Studies

WeChat mini programs (MPs) were launched to much fanfare almost exactly one year ago. The format has really started to take off in the second half of 2017, especially as a way to supercharge WeChat e-commerce.

10 months

Relationships : Underplayed in your Success ?

Career success is often attributed to talent, performance, academic pedigree, and luck. How often do we give credit to the ability to build relationships?

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