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Straight on Diplomacy

Diplomacy has been a core part of human communication since time immemorial. Usually it is seen as a tool to maintain international relations between various countries as every country has its own agenda and ideology.

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Communication Capabilities for Innovation Efforts

Strong internal and external communication programs are important at any time for an organization, but they are outright critical in today's corporate efforts for innovation.

1 year

Best Places to Work! Really?

Rating best employers is a tricky affair – are we getting the parameters right or getting too swayed by frills? I am sure many of you love your organisation. If that’s an exaggeration then let’s say some of us do. At least on the days of salary, bonus, promotions and other self-gain days! But certainly, there must be days when you and your colleagues feel great about working for your organisation. In spite of this do you wonder why your company is not talked about as one of the best employers.

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FinTech - The Power of Platforms

High street banks are facing the biggest challenge in their existence by challenger banks and FinTech. Last year, 583 bank branches were closed in the UK setting a record that will only be broken this year again with an estimated 762 branches being closed in 2018.

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3 Things Every Person Needs From Their Leader

Our lives seem to be a daily battle between what we want and what we need. From cars to houses, to relationships, to food. While most people can distinguish wants from needs, it never hurts to be reminded.

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Tax Day and Hedge Funds

Tomorrow is Tax Day in the United States. April 17, 2018 is the day the approximately 150mn individual taxpayers in the US are obliged to file their tax return or request and extension.

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Mastering Stakeholder Management

Communication is a critical skill for corporate transformation and innovation teams. When we think of communication in the context of innovation today, we need to include networking and stakeholder management. The projects you run affect other people, both internally and externally. The more people you affect, the more likely it is that your actions will impact people having the power and influence to make or break your project. Thus stakeholder management becomes a critical discipline for you to master to become successful with innovation projects.

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