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4 months

19 Negative Phrases to Avoid when Fostering a Disruptive Culture

Every best performing company will need to embrace the Disruptive Culture based on innovation and Forward Thinking in order to survive the Disruptive Economy. The new rule of business is there are no rules at all in the future. Everything from a simple notion to a company practice to an industry trend can be challenged and disrupted easily and quickly. These disruption can come from exponential technology growth, rapid change of consumer behavior and unexpected competition from other industries. 

4 months

What Every Leader Should Aspire To

“Always Bet on the Jockey, Not the Horse.”

4 months

7 Startling Things Hindering Your Development as a Leader

If you are unhappy in your development as a leader, you’re not alone. Many people in leadership roles struggle with hitting a plateau when it comes to enhancing their leadership skills. As with the path to developing any skill, you are going to hit valleys and peaks on your way to improving as a leader. If you are currently in one of these valleys or unsure why you aren't developing, consider some of these potential factors:

4 months

How To Make Organizational Values Come Alive

A sales manager read an article about his company’s refusal to deal with any country where “under the table” money was part of the negotiation process. He circled the article and wrote the words Right On! in the column, and mailed it to his CEO. The attached note said: “I’m proud to work in a company whose values reflect my own.”

4 months

Selling Your Ideas Up: How to Overcome Objections and Get Your Ideas Approved

In an era of fiscal and time constraints, is it possible to sell your ideas to company leaders? Yes, but the success depends on how you frame the opportunity.

4 months

What Leaders Must Do to Retain Millennials

I’ve seen it more times than I can count; a talented millennial who has potential in spades, walking out on a perfectly good job, looking for greener pastures in other organizations. The company lets them loose in spite of their aptitude for success and misses out on someone who could help bring new life and energy into the business. The statistics are pretty well documented. Millennials now make up the highest percentage of the work force and 66% of them expect to be in different jobs within 4 years of starting employment. The current turnover average in America is nearly 14% and it costs a company a year’s salary to replace a lower level employee, and 2 years salary to replace a senior employee.

4 months

Should You Base Your Innovation on Technology or Customer Need?

Should you base your new product or service development on your technical expertise, the things that you are good at, or on the needs of your customer, even if those needs are in areas where you have little or no strength?