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The Power of Hashtags on Social Media

An online marketer of an online business is bound to know about the Importance of hashtags in the world of social media. But this is something that everybody with an online presence should be familiar with. To be able to use hashtags for any social media channels, one must know the value of hashtags and the success or growth that comes with it. Online businesses have successfully grown their audience and even gone viral, all thank to hashtags.

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Hyperscale Businesses in the Digital Age

Your essential briefing on what you need to know about Hyperscale Businesses in the Digital Age. Protect your business. The recent news item about Amazon being in talks to offer event ticketing (here) brings into focus the existential threat from a class of businesses that have emerged over the past five years, which that can be described as “Hyperscale” organisations.

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How to use LinkedIn for Marketing your Business

LinkedIn seems to be a booming platform for businesses to showcase their services, products and success. With Microsoft having taken over LinkedIn, it has emerged as a more powerful tool for networking, generating leads and creating brand awareness. LinkedIn is focused on both B2B as well as B2C conversions. Ask yourself: Are you using LinkedIn for marketing your business? Statistics reveal that LinkedIn is used more by businesses and B2B marketers to create brand awareness and also generate valuable leads and business through it. According to research, LinkedIn has the maximum potential to generate leads, thanks to its professional nature. If you’re looking to boost your conversions and get your business back on track in 2018, here are LinkedIn tips for your businesses:

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In Praise of Smart Work

Imagine this. You are onboard a sinking ship. Everyone is busy draining the water out. But the water is filling in the ship faster than people can drain it out. The ship is still sinking.

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How to Stay Ahead of the Competition?

The marketing domain is flooded with numerous small businesses that are trying really hard to establish themselves as a reputed brand. If you have a strong customer base for your business the task of building a brand image becomes much easier. But if you’re still working on acquiring a customer base, these marketing tactics come in very handy. Here are some few pointers to stay on top of marketing space:

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Never Ask a Customer What you Already Know

You know what I’m talking about. If you have a problem with your cable service, the only way to resolve it is to call the company. You state your account information, tell the agent your problem and more often than not, you’re transferred to a supervisor who makes you repeat everything you just said.

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Growth of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing!

Artificial intelligence is the next big thing that technology geeks are after. Today’s technology-driven marketing world is now seeing an imminent use of artificial intelligence and its applications in the marketing domain. This is going to leave an imprint in the marketing space.

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