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1 year

Should We Stop Using the Word Innovation?

Few people know what they mean when they talk about innovation. I’m sorry, but they don’t. They drop the ‘i-bomb’ in meetings and briefs because they’re on a crusade to do something new, cool and trendy, and think sticking the word ‘innovation’ on a chart - often accompanied by a logo of a lightbulb - brings clarity to their aspirations. It brings anything but.

1 year

The Characteristics of Toxic Leadership

Toxic Leadership is characterized by mistreatment of subordinates in a corporate structure, resulting in a destructive and harmful working environment. Work is a very integral and important part of our lives. Considering the amount of time the average person spends at work, it becomes like a ‘second home’. So, when relationships at work become difficult, especially with upper management, it is a source of infinite stress and difficulty. You may love your job but you come to hate it because of the unhealthy environment that you are forced into.

1 year

Companies Can Personalize Marketing without Being Creepy

When Mary Meeker’s most recent Internet Report came out, a few things caught my eye. A lot of what Mary talks about is the shift to social, video, more interactive, virtual experiences and walled gardens (Facebook and Google own 85% share of digital spend). While ad spend continues to migrate to digital channels, marketers are shifting dollars to focus on delivering quality branded experiences over volume-based programmatic ads.

1 year

The Future of Jobs and Businesses - Technology and Being a Polymath

Today, one thing that is common among-st all the mid-level and high-end organization is that, all of them boast of having ‘best practices’, ‘industry expertise’ and ‘sophisticated processes’ in whichever business they might be involved in. You can even find this mentality within most professionals. They believe that being an expert in one field is the key to success and specialization creates a mark in the society.

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9 Things You Can Learn From A Dog That Will Help Your Career

This is Baxter. He is my dog. And like most canines I reckon that he can teach us a few things which can help us boost our careers. You don't believe me? Then read on...

1 year

Kill and Beat Procrastination and Delay, Hit your Deadlines Consistently

Frightened of missing deadlines? Your plan is in shreds. Your entrepreneur’s reputation is at risk?

1 year

Content versus Contacts

While content has always been the king, it's a growing realization that 'your network is your networth'. As they say in the startup circle, it's not what you know, but who you know that makes the difference! With the finite resources at one's disposal it's an imperative to think of how to allocate time and attention- whether to go for building a robust content or to go after people and forge connections. This is even more of a concern as professionals start moving up the corporate food-chain, where an inordinate amount of their cerebral activities are appropriated to 'people management' and less on building self or matter. For entrepreneurs, it's a tradeoff between knowing who's-who to building a product or a service worth knowing about.