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2 months

World's Quickest IQ Test Only Has 3 Questions - But 83% of People Fail It

Think you are smart? Want to find out quickly? Then simply answer the World's shortest IQ test below.

2 months

Why Humanity’s Merge with Technology is Not Only Inevitable, but Natural

Let’s put it out there: if technology continues to accelerate exponentially, then man and machine will likely merge. 

2 months

Every Company Can Achieve Transformational Change

Last year, I traveled to San Jose to facilitate a workshop for an IT company that was undergoing massive change and reorganization to keep up their market share and thrive in an economy of innovation and disruption. Few senior leaders spoke to me about how challenging it had been for them to bring about a transformational change versus developmental change until they had participated in my session. Many companies, from small-medium business to Fortune 500, face similar challenges.

2 months

10 Ways For Your Business to Make a Good First Impression

First impressions count, right? Everyone knows that. It’s almost a cliché. There are various stats out there saying that judgements are formed in a matter of seconds – seven to be precise. Whether it’s a new client visiting your offices for the first time or a high calibre candidate arriving for a job interview, you’ll want to make sure they see the best your company can offer.

2 months

How to Bring Focus and Clarity to Your Business

Is your company in overwhelm? Doing too much but never seeming to move forward? Time and again, I see this in the clients I coach. When I speak to employees or interview leadership teams, this is often their biggest frustration. As they grow and take on more business, they feel pulled in different directions and lose their sense of forward momentum. 

2 months

The Four Super-Powers that Great Managers Need

Cast your mind back. Have you ever worked for a bad manager? Can you remember how you felt? Frustrated? Despairing? Unmotivated?

2 months

The Top Rated CEO of 2019 Just Gave an Extraordinary Lesson in Leadership

Everybody loves a good top 100 list. It could be the best cities to live in, the top restaurants, or in this case, the highest-rated CEOs in America. I love Glassdoor's annual list of the Top CEOs because it's based on how employees of major corporations feel about their culture and their most senior leader.