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1 year

Indian Government Constitutes Anti-profiteering Agency

Given the country-wide slowdown in economic activity due to implementation of Good and Services Tax (‘GST’), the government of India is trying to assuage the sentiments of industry, customer and public at large by reducing GST rates.

1 year

Hey New Graduates & Freelancers: Don't Do This

Sometimes things don't work out the way you were expecting, but these stories can be very useful and instructive examples of what NOT to do. Plus, there's always a chance for a positive outcome, but you need to be willing to listen and learn, unlike my experience below.

1 year

Comedians, Politicians & Taxation

It has been a tough few days for clay-footed public figures: movie stars; Hollywood producers; comedians and the US Republican Party’s least favorite candidate for the Alabama Senate seat vacated by Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

1 year

How to Design Better Conversations with Machines

Automation is perceived as a cost-saving shortcut, but until we can design better conversations with machines, firms can’t rely on robots to build trust in their services.

1 year

What the Heck is a Brand Positioning Strategy?

Pure and simple, a brand positioning strategy is a tool of business strategy. Leaders want and need to grow their businesses. Smart leaders want to grow with intention. They want to eschew brute force, and let the physics of focus do some of the work for them. A brand positioning strategy is a focusing mechanism.

1 year

Save The World !

There is a big hue and cry over pollution levels in Delhi and its surroundings. It has almost become a gas chamber – tough to breathe or navigate in. Why has the situation reached these alarming levels?

1 year

Never Mind The Lithium, What About The Talent !

Throughout my time in the clean energy sector there has always been talk of scarcity of supply; first it was silicon, then in the boom times of solar development it was solar PV modules themselves. More recently we read of the potential scarcity of Lithium, a core ingredient for Lithium-ion and related batteries, driven by the significant growth in energy storage and EV Vehicles. Now we have scare stories about the scarcity of electricity at certain times of the day, if we all plug in our EV’s to charge. But what about the scarcity of talent?

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