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1 year

Will Uber Win or Lose with Self-Driving Cars?

Until a recent conversation, I thought that Uber - and other car-sharing services - would be clear winners with the arrival of self-driving cars. My logic was that Uber already "owns" the users through their app and platform and then they would be able to cut the major cost in their business model; the paid drivers.

1 year

The Road Not Taken: Highly Skilled Indian Migrants and Students in Germany

A couple of months ago, Bertelsmann Foundation and Bielefeld University conducted a study of Indians in Germany – their migration behavior, intentions, and effect on German economy and society. The announced purpose of the study was to encourage decision-makers in political, administrative, academics and business sphere to improve the migration experience of highly skilled migrants and students from India.

1 year

How to Win with Corporate Innovation

How large organizations win with and through innovation in the coming years is quite simple. It only takes three steps.

1 year

Gaming Traction – Why It Does Not Work

Recently, I came across a post from a venerated angel investor, who I hold in high regard. He had written about gaming traction, stating that entrepreneurs sell to their friends and family to show a good product-market fit to investors in the initial stages.

1 year

It’s Time to Talk about Startup Con Artists

This is a very hard topic. We’ve all heard of fraud in the realm of start-ups. Most of us have experienced it and the rest have at least heard of it happen to someone we know.

1 year

7 Wise Habits to Strengthen Relationships with Your Team

No one wants to go to work every day dreading the amount of time they are going to spend with his or her boss. At the same time, I don’t know any sane leader who looks forward to having bad relationships with team members. So the question then becomes, why are so many relationships between team members and their leader a major part of the reason people are unhappy at work?

1 year

A Quick Guide to Artificial Intelligence

What is artificial intelligence and how does it impact the way we live and work today? Read on.