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1 year

The Paradise Papers - Revelation or Cover-Up ?

Today is the beginning of the upcoming media frenzy about the Paradise Papers that will reveal many more names of public individuals, public companies, politicians and many not-so-public individuals with a blatant disregard for tax laws.

1 year

Tax Bill - Jobs For Tax Professionals

The bill introduced by Representative Brady of Texas yesterday has the “short title” (Section 1), “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”. It is the only thing about the bill that could be described as short.

1 year

India Means Business

Backed up by government initiatives in the past 2 years and the resultant improvement in various parameters, India has jumped up 30 notches from 130 to 100 (out of 190 nations ranked in the list) in the latest edition of the World Bank’s global rankings on Ease of Doing Business.

1 year

Sell Your Tax Losses

In 2015, in the wake of the financial crisis, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration published a report, detailing the policy issues involved in the administration of Net Operating Losses (NOLs). It is time to act on this report and to give corporations a straightforward way to trade their losses on an exchange, or at least in a Treasury-approved dark pool.

2 years

Curtailing NRI investment in PPF/NSC

The government of India has revised the investment rules relating to investments by non-resident Indians (NRIs) in small savings schemes. The amended rules have been notified in a gazette notification.

2 years

Key Account Planning is a Waste of Time if.....

After 10 years running Key Account Workshops and 25 years of doing Key Account Planning for my major accounts I can quite confidently say that Key Account Planning (KAP) for most organisations is a complete waste of effort unless senior leaders and sales leaders fully embrace, enable and add value to the process.

2 years

Building Smarter Services on the Blockchain

The UK government is getting serious about blockchain, and the future of fintech could be the key to delivering better public services.

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