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It’s Not Just You: Leadership is Harder Than Ever Before

Leadership is struggling in organizations and that might be an understatement. The disengagement rate of employees is at an all-time high. The current failure rate for a new leader in an organization is 60% and 71% of organizations don’t feel their leaders can lead them into the future.

1 year

Why the Best Leaders Have a Future Focused Vision

The best leaders are visionaries. They see something that is possible in the distance, something others cannot see, and they communicate that vision relentlessly to help their team reach it. There might be no better story about vision than the story about former President John F Kennedy and a janitor. The story goes like this:

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High Performing Teams Have Leaders Who Refuse to Do These 5 Things

Traditional business thinking leads us to believe a founder, CEO, or executive management team can facilitate growth, create innovative ideas in a vacuum, and make all the right decisions from a boardroom.

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The Importance of Blogging for Small Businesses

Blogging as a business is growing exponentially! It is the perfect opportunity for a small business to establish itself and be rewarded with the many perks of blogging and content marketing.

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Leadership Branding on Twitter

“Can you help me create my Twitter profile?”, “I know Twitter can help in leadership branding, but I don’t know how to get started”, “I don’t know what to tweet”, “I don’t know why anyone will read my tweets” – These are some of the questions I get asked by CxO’s and business leaders on a regular basis. Even though Twitter has been around for more than a decade, too many business leaders are yet to unlock it’s complete potential.

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7 Signs of Truly Great Bosses

"I don't think I am cut out for it John. My hiring manager just offered me a big-time promotion that would make me responsible for over 100 people! I am scared to take it because I am currently an individual contributor who gets things done. While I know the responsibility that comes with being a boss, I fear I would be a bad or average one the minute my new team doesn't do the job as well as I do the job."

1 year

Body Language Myths That Limit Success

Body language plays a key role in your career from your first job interview to the ongoing process of building professional relationships to being perceived as having leadership presence. But not everything you’ve heard about body language is accurate. Don’t limit your success by buying into these ten myths: