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25 days

7 Effective Website Marketing Strategies to Increase Conversions

A professional website is the representation of your brand and your company's culture. It should be aligned with the mission and vision of your brand. Your website is the best marketing tool at your hands and as a business owner, you should take your website more seriously.

28 days

Creating an Effective Shift Swapping Policy

From time to time, your employees may end up needing to swap shifts. This is not an uncommon occurrence, but if you don’t have the right systems in place, even a seemingly innocuous and routine procedure could end up causing a major headache for management.

30 days

How the Best Leaders Conduct Successful Performance Reviews

The thinking and policies regarding performance reviews have experienced a shift within organizations. HR researcher Josh Bersin estimated as many as 70 percent of multinational companies are moving away from the outdated annual review approach to performance management. In the last five years, corporations including GE, Adobe, Microsoft, and Dell have axed annual performance reviews.

1 month

What is the Shelf Life of a Brand Strategy?

If a brand strategy is created well, then your brand strategy is something that should last for years, if not decades. There are three scenarios when I would change my brand strategy.

1 month

6 Step Guideline for Social Media Content Plan

As a social media marketer, one is often left in a state of uncertainty. It is difficult to gauge whether your social media marketing campaign is going to be successful or not. This is because it is not fixed whether your target audience will enjoy the content put out by your business or brand. So, how does one create the right content? And how is this content managed?

1 month

What Research Shows the Most Effective Leaders Do Differently

I assumed I knew what it took to be an effective leader. My first six months of leading a team consistently proved my assumptions to be wrong. I made mistake after mistake. Yet, I knew, after observing the leaders around me, leadership was skill that could be developed and with enough work and effort I could to become a more effective leader.

1 month

Peter Thiel and Leaving Silicon Valley

Peter Gregory, the character from the series, Silicon Valley, who most resembled Peter Thiel, was written out during season 1 because he died of a heart attack. Peter Thiel’s departure from Silicon Valley was – fortunately – for different reasons. Having taken a great deal of grief from the tech community for his support of Donald Trump, he decided that the climate of the place had become too one dimensional, too much of a bubble.