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12 days

The Most Undervalued Characteristic of Leadership

There are many entrepreneurial and leadership success stories in the world--but there may be none better than Starbucks and Howard Schultz. 

12 days

How Great Leaders Think About Employee Turnover

"John I have bad news, and I wanted you to be the first to know. I have been offered a new job that I just can't refuse."

13 days

What’s the Value of Privacy?

Consider these interesting statistics:

15 days

Geneva Motor Show 2018 Preview - 10 of the Best Cars

It's the 88th Geneva Motor Show this week and I have a sneaky press day preview to show you the hot metal at this years event. There are 180 exhibitors this year with a total of 110 new vehicles being premiered. Over 700,000 people will be attending the event at the Palexpo Convention Centre to pore over the latest polished metal (or carbon fibre) from the World's top car marques. 

15 days

Brand Mission, Vision or Illusion?

A great brand needs direction. The brand’s mission statement, which in the case of the corporate brand is the company’s mission statement, helps articulate “why the brand exists?”

17 days

Amazon's HQ2 Strategy is Genius. Here's Why.

Amazon is constantly in the news, but today, the most anticipated move in Amazon's history seems to be the announcement of its second headquarters, HQ2. 

19 days

Entrepreneurship: Is it the Best Time to Launch Your Business?

The United States has long been the natural home of the entrepreneur but recent reports suggest that Americans are less likely to start a company now than in the past four decades. So what has led to this worrying decline in home grown entrepreneurship? And does this low point offer an ideal opportunity to launch your start-up?