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3 months

4 Tips to Boost the Visibility of Your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn, one of the most prominent professional networking channels, has grown rapidly since its inception in 2002. 

3 months

Life on Facebook

Last Friday, one participant asked me an interesting question.

3 months

Accidents are often Innovation Opportunities

An accident produces an unexpected set of circumstances and this can lead to opportunities for innovation.

3 months

What's the Big Deal with having Publicity?

The end result or return of any public relations effort is publicity.

3 months

5 Cautionary Tales From The Office Christmas Party

With this year's festive frolicking fully underway I thought I'd take the time to share a few scary stories about how the office Xmas bash can quickly descend into all manner of career limiting shenanigans.

3 months

Five Steps to Change Your Thinking

When you make changes, are they coming at you from the outside in or inside out? In my 30 years of working with top leaders from business, health care, government and education, I have found that the majority of change comes from the outside in. When a new law is passed, you have to make changes in order to comply with it; when a competitor comes in offering lower prices, you probably have to change some aspect of how you do business; and when a new technology comes out that changes customer behavior, you’ll likely request that your IT department get you on the new products ASAP.

3 months

Will you watch Facebook Watch?

Two years ago I wrote an article on LinkedIn, which mused on whether Facebook would buy Netflix and start streaming their own content. Well it seems my prediction was only half right - although they didn't snap up Netflix they have started their own on-demand streaming service called Watch.

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