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4 months

What if Your Career Depended on Your Ability to Catch a Lie?

Deception is in the headlines and on the national stage. But it is also in our workplaces. Your ability to spot liars - and not be deceived by empty promises or fabricated information - may be the crucial factor between professional success or failure. So how good are your deception detection skills?

4 months

How can a Hackathon Help your Business?

Does your company use hackathons? If you think that they are just for software companies and tech nerds then think again. Today every company has to be a software company and every innovator has to find new ways to meet customer needs. 

4 months

Will Artificial Intelligence Disrupt Your Profession?

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is a technological advance for humankind that has some people excited and others terrified of what is to come. The main concern is rooted in what A.I. will do to jobs, and how we as human beings will be affected by changes in digital and mechanical techniques.

4 months

Successful Teams Come From Leaders Who Do These 5 Things

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out some professional teams are higher performing than others. Not only do high-performing teams contribute to better business outcomes, but their team members embrace the daily challenge to solve problems and achieve things together.

4 months

How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy

Two decades ago, people made physical purchases after watching ads on billboards or televisions. But things have changed in 2019, customers prefer to make informed decisions on the Internet: Mulitiple clicks followed by a conversion.

4 months

What Mars Can Teach us about Designing Government Services

Billionaires are battling it out to make history in today’s new space race. But what can space colonies teach us about improving the public sector here on earth and how can design teams take practical advantage?

4 months

How to Build a Strong Brand Identity

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” This adage is very true with regard to brand identity as well. What is a strong brand identity? As the adage indicates, it is how others perceive you, the identity or image you convey to the minds of people when they hear the name of your organization. A common pitfall that many fall into when considering how to build a strong brand identity is to believe that they know how their business is perceived. They try to see things from their own perspective, forgetting that a strong brand identity depends on ‘the eyes of the beholder,’ or how they are perceived by potential customers.