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2 months

Pros & Cons of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become an integral part of the digital ecosystem. Ever since its introduction in 2006 by the Amazon Web Services, it has come a long way to provide the ideal solutions to the businesses across the globe. For many, the first encounter with the term gave rise to concerns of security and reliability. The world took its pace to explore the benefits and adopt the technology. However, all concerns which looked serious at one time, have been put to rest. Cloud has come to resonate with the hearts of millions of professionals and businesses who look at it as the ultimate solution to the data storage issues. The technology has reached the steep part of the famous S-curve of any technology adoption and finally emerged as the default platform for new applications with even the legacy applications shifting to it. Although one cannot rule out the challenges of cloud computing there is much more to it which makes it the preferred choice for millions.

2 months

How to Improve Cybersecurity Throughout Your Business

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are finding themselves on the receiving end of a growing number of threats from cyberspace. Hackers are always looking for new ways of getting their hands on personal data which they can then either sell or hold to ransom. Ransomware is a problem that barely existed until relatively recently, but which is now plaguing businesses around the globe.

2 months

How to Create a Disaster Recovery Plan for a Business

When everything is going smoothly, business owners seldom anticipate disaster. It could be a lightning strike that fries your computer’s motherboards, a flood that ruins all of your hardware, or a power outage that wipes out all of your recent data. With a disaster recovery plan, you won’t waste time panicking in the event that the unthinkable happens. Restoring any data that your business has lost quickly will enable you to get up and get back to work in rapid succession. Here are the ways in which you can prepare your company for virtually any type of data related disaster.

2 months

How to Bolster your Enterprise by Using CNC

CNC – or computer numerical control – refers to the process of assigning a machining task to a computer. Materials such as metal, plastic, wood, and more can be used for CNC, allowing your project to diversify and tap into a plethora of markets.

2 months

Qualities of Successful Graphic Designers

The role and qualities to become a successful graphic designer are undergoing a continuous change. This has been largely triggered by the evolving requirements of industry, clients and the technology. Things like design have fast-paced evolution and survival means continuous adaptations to emerging realities. There is no room for laggards. You either grow or you are outgrown.

2 months

Searching by Voice-the New Era of SEO Begins

Searching by voice is the future of the web as it is predicted that by 2020 almost 30% of all the online searches will be done with voice without the need of a screen. The trend which was initially thought to be just a new phase which will soon pass-by has managed to stay on. The mileage it attained was due to the fact that it gave the users to ability to speak to a device rather than type to search. The beauty of voice search is that it makes web searches possible by users without the need for them to scroll different sites.

2 months

The Airline Industry is Facing Many Challenges According to Reports

The airline industry has seen better days, and is finally feeling some of the backlash for the questionable practices they’ve been using. While recent cases have gone public and helped shed some light on the situation, this has been going on for a few years, and airlines have been complacent to say the least towards consumer complaints. Though the industry is still very strong globally, the climate is very different in places like the UK where issues like Brexit are having an effect on flight travel. Let’s take a look at some of the issues facing the airline industry and what should be done to correct the situation.