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Where to Focus Your Marketing Activities Over the Next Few Months

Since we published our Digital in 2018 reports back in January, I've been travelling around the world presenting our key findings, trends, and highlights with the teams at We Are Social and Hootsuite.

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Exploring The Future: When Robots Take Your Job

There are many ways in which we can view and explore the future, but what happens if we do it through the lenses of an often asked question:

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Blackmailing our Bosses! Can we put an end to it?

Oh! You have never done that? think carefully for 2 more minutes, allow some flashback of conversations with your bosses to refresh you. Even now if you are pleading innocent, I will take you through your memory lane in detail.

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The Power of Leadership From an Unexpected Place

I was pleasantly surprised to see less than 100 people in line to get through security. As the cue crept along at a snail's pace, none of the agents were communicating with passengers and they all appeared as if this was the last place they wanted to be. No one in the line (including me) was surprised by the ineffectiveness of this TSA crew with only 100 people in line because it happens like this all the time.

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Mindset and Approaches for a Digital World

The advent of exponential growth is the key enabler for lightning fast development of new technologies. As this happens, technologies as we know them now merge together and bring along a whole new world of opportunities and challenges. The most important business impact is that we see a merger of industries and even the creation of new ones.

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9 Tips for Best B2B Landing Pages

Are you satisfied with your business landing page? Is the current landing page getting you enough conversions? Want to improve the conversion rate for your business? Well, you have landed on an appropriate blog, where we are going to discuss some tips on how to make a landing page that converts.

2 months

Why Great Leaders Don’t Allow Their Profession to Become Their Identity

As he sat down with me nearing the last day of his employment at the company he helped build, I asked the question, “How are you handling the thought of retirement?” His answer was something I will never forget, “I am not what I do.” While I had known for some time how great of a leader he was, those words cemented the sentiment for me and taught me such a valuable lesson about identity.