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2 months

Why Strong Leaders are a Massive Blessing

As I stood up to shake his hand, it hit me like ton of bricks.  This man had come into my life for a purpose. His overwhelming love and support for my development as a professional was on display in every interaction we ever had both in good times and in bad. I felt my lip begin to quiver, the water build up in my eyes and as I took a deep breath I extended my hand and said, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you will never know how big of an impact you have had on my life.”  As I turned to walk out the door he said, “John, thank you, but all I have ever tried to do is be what I didn't get from my leaders as a young professional.” As I walked out of that office for the last time, what he didn’t know or hadn’t even thought of, is how much of a blessing he was on my life.

2 months

Why the Best Companies Develop Leaders at Every Level

“I want every decision big or small to be run by me. I will have the final say, end of story,” said Roger the CEO of a medium-sized professional service company, “This period of time is so important to the company and there is so much on the line we can't afford to make a mistake.” 

2 months

6 Tips to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is imperative for all businesses today, big or small. It’s been a while since traditional marketing has taken the backseat and digital marketing has come to the forefront.

2 months

Can Elon Musk's Space-based 'Starlink'​ Internet Project Really Provide Cheap Broadband for Everyone?

Not content with building electric cars and space rockets, Elon Musk now has plans on hijacking the global broadband market via his ambitious 'Starlink' project.

2 months

Tesla Is Redefining the Customer Experience

One of the harsh realities of this fast-paced digital world is that almost everything we buy is out of date by the time we get it home. To obtain the most value of any purchase, especially if it is an expensive one, we need to adopt a future mind-set to help us avoid picking up legacy products.

2 months

Top 6 SEO Tips for Small Businesses

The aim of any small business is to improve visibility and what better way than to have your business displayed on the top ranking of search engines?

2 months

Ethics: The Building Block of Any Start-Up

“Success without integrity is failure.” – John Gunn

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