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2 years

Impact of Technology on Business Environment

There is no doubt that we live in a world where technology is shaping the future. If we talk precisely about marketing and business, technology is the need of the hour. Every marketer out there in the real world knows how important technology has become for businesses as well as what the effects of technology on a business environment are. There are both positive and negative effects of technology for a business.

2 years

The Everyday Phrases We 'Literally' Love to Hate

"You know what, I'm not going to lie, to be totally honest, I just have to say, come on guys, we are literally like unpacking the fact that these phrases drive us crazy!" A recent poll in the Mail Online questioned which everyday words, phrases and idioms drive us insane and the list of suggestions was gargantuan...

2 years

Mobile Apps for Business Marketing

Smartphones are the best thing that happened to people in the 21st Century. With 99% of customer activity performed via mobile, it becomes essential for businesses to target mobile marketing at the earliest.

2 years

Inflexion Point - Part 1

Welcome to Inflexion Point, the monthly on the interesting and important ideas from the world of innovation, creativity and strategy.

2 years

Insights from a Millennial Entrepreneur

Sabena Suri commenced her career as a brand strategist with some of the World's leading advertising agencies. Now, that spectacular beginning might be sufficient for some but not for Sabena, who dropped the safety of being an employee to embark upon a journey on the rocky road of entrepreneurship at the tender age of just 24.

2 years

Predicting Innovations and Technology

I often read articles and reports on the "demise of a particular technology", "the future of technology", and similar topics. Industry "experts" and "think tanks" love crystal–gazing, but they use complicated terminology to conceal it under the veil of science.

2 years

How to Avoid Buying on Impulse

We live in a world where advertising is omnipresent. It has pervaded every corner of our lives and made it impossible stepping out of our houses without seeing billboards advertising phones, shoes, burgers or something else.