David Hunt Energy Guru

David is Managing Partner of Hyperion Executive Search, a clean energy executive search specialists. He has been in the clean energy sector since 2007 and held posts on the Policy Board of the UK Renewable Energy Association (REA), chaired the Pan-European Energy Storage Alliance and sits on the Low Carbon Economy Board for the Liverpool City LEP. He also spent seven years as director of an award winning multi-technology renewable energy company, before setting up Hyperion in 2014. He has spoken about renewable energy on various British and international trade publications including the BBC and the FT. David holds prestigious awards in the energy sector and is recently completing a degree in Environmental Management and Technology from the Open University.


The Power of Data in The Autonomous Car Industry

The world isn't run by weapons anymore, or energy, or money. It's run by little ones and zeroes, little bits of data.


How to Transition to a Cleantech Career

Without doubt, one of the questions I'm asked most in messages on Linked In, in e-mails and from enquiries to our website is, 'How can I get a job in the cleantech sector?' People ask to meet me at trade shows to ask the same question, or for help to make the transition. Here are some thoughts.


Momentum and Talent in Germany’s Auto and Energy Industries

Nothing breeds complacency like unchallenged dominance in a particular activity. Just ask the German national football (soccer) team. Like this year’s World Cup squad, the German auto and energy industries have been spoiled by success in the past, and thus revered by the government and the public alike. Fundamental transformations in the rules of the game are forcing Germany’s football, auto and energy industries toward new creativity and competitiveness. With newfound momentum, things are looking up for the next rounds.


Passionate, Fact-Driven, Optimistic: Young Climate Leaders Give Reason for Hope

When faced with daily doses of tragedy – volcanoes, heat waves, wildfires, school shootings, corrupt international political networks, and the consequences of extremism – it is too easy to ignore the longer-term good news. For one, long-term trends are not as bad as they seem. For another, a new generation of leaders gives reason for hope. Generations Y and Z are spawning torch-bearers with compassion and conviction, driven by purpose, facts, and optimism. 


Real Car Companies Must Stop Investing in the Past

On July 1st, Elon Musk declared Tesla to be a “real car company”, after overcoming “production hell”* and hitting ambitious targets for its new Model 3. But what makes a “real” car-company? And is it still aspirational?