David Nagrosst Tech Guru

David is the Head of Sales, Asia Pacific and Japan at Cyxtera Technologies. He is an exceptional international leader and CISSP Qualified IT Security Expert with 20 years+ demonstrable experience in business, sales and providing IT Security, Cloud, and Datacenter Solutions to Organizations from Start-up to Fortune 150. He is also an international keynote & workshop speaker and a member of AmCham Singapore. He is committed to developing, testing and continually creating new methods to drive efficiency, cost saving, growth and profit alongside innovative technical expertise. David holds a Bachelor in Information Technology at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and is currently completing an MBA in Business Administration and Management at the University of Manchester.


Demystifying China's Cybersecurity Law

By now, most are aware of The People’s Republic of China’s new Cybersecurity Law which took effect June 1, 2017, in efforts to improve national cybersecurity for the largest digital shopping and mobile/internet based financial service markets in the world. Intense discussions and debate continue within government offices, multinational businesses and human rights circles regarding the new law’s uncertainty and vague sets regulations. Enforcement of localization for foreign firms has been delayed until Dec 31 2018 to provide time for companies to prepare for compliance which will often include costly upgrades in efforts to meet tighter government scrutiny while still maintaining as much control as possible over intellectual property.  


Cybersecurity​ ​Against​ ​Cyberattacks

A new era of cybersecurity threats has dawned. The first two quarters of 2017 saw the inordinate of cybersecurity meltdowns: viral, state-sponsored ransomware, leaks of spy tools from the US intelligence agencies, and full-on campaign hackings. This is the continuation of the cyber war from the​ ​early​ ​years.