Dominic Monkhouse Leadership Guru

Dominic has spent 14 years working in sales, marketing and business management within the IT sector. He has held executive positions at Peer 1 Hosting, IT Lab and Rackspace. At Peer 1 he built the UK business to £30m run rate in 5 years. He won many awards for creating a great place to work. At Rackspace Dominic built the UK company from four to 150 staff, and increased annual revenues from £595,000 to £25 million in just four years. Under his management, Rackspace was recognised as one of the most outstanding workplaces in Europe, and won several service awards for its Fanatical Support TM. Dominic has a BSc in Agricultural and Food Marketing from Newcastle and a MBA from Sheffield Business School. Dominic is also a regular public speaker on creating great places to work and achieving continuous client satisfaction and an assessor on the Sunday Times Customer Experience Awards.


How to Introduce a Communication Rhythm to Your Business

Rhythms are a natural part of life. We’re all familiar with the rhythm of nature, the regular cycle of the seasons, the continual movement of days into nights. Their consistency and predictability reassure us and provide a framework for our lives. Rhythm is also essential to teamwork, particularly in sports like rowing. Think of a successful crew. When they’re in sync, their oars dip in and out of the water at the same time and the boat skims along effortlessly. If even one team member loses this rhythm, the whole boat is thrown out of control.


How Measuring Sales Velocity Will Accelerate Growth

"I don’t have enough leads". Sound familiar? How often do you hear this excuse from your salespeople? It’s pretty common for sales strategies to fixate on the number of opportunities won or lost. But what if I told you that your team could do 30% better than they are today with their existing pipeline? How? By focusing on the four elements of the sales velocity equation.


Struggling to Nail Your Strategy? You Need an Attribution Map

Do you have a clear strategy for your business? Such a simple question but boy, can it be difficult to answer. It’s so easy to get bogged down in vague ideas and meaningless corporate jargon. 


How Using 3HAG Can Turbocharge Your Business Growth

Tell me. Is your business strategy crystal clear? Do you and your team have complete certainty over where you’re headed? And how to get there? Or does everything feel a bit like guess-work? You’re not alone. When I first start coaching clients, many of them are vague about their direction of travel. Caught up in the whirlwind of running a business, it’s hard to see the wood for the trees.


How to Find Your Real Business Purpose

What a week! Meltdown in Westminster, no sign of a resolution to the endless Brexit calamity, fires burning in the Amazon, disaster in the Bahamas, Hong Kong paralysed by discontent. Uncertainty has become the new normal. It feels like the world is in uncharted territory.