Dominic Monkhouse Leadership Guru

Dominic has spent 14 years working in sales, marketing and business management within the IT sector. He has held executive positions at Peer 1 Hosting, IT Lab and Rackspace. At Peer 1 he built the UK business to £30m run rate in 5 years. He won many awards for creating a great place to work. At Rackspace Dominic built the UK company from four to 150 staff, and increased annual revenues from £595,000 to £25 million in just four years. Under his management, Rackspace was recognised as one of the most outstanding workplaces in Europe, and won several service awards for its Fanatical Support TM. Dominic has a BSc in Agricultural and Food Marketing from Newcastle and a MBA from Sheffield Business School. Dominic is also a regular public speaker on creating great places to work and achieving continuous client satisfaction and an assessor on the Sunday Times Customer Experience Awards.


Why the Gallup Q12 is the Best Tool for Growth

I love the Gallup Q12. It’s a fantastic metric. 12 questions in a pyramid that measure the most important elements of employee engagement. Wherever I’ve been MD, I’ve used it. It helped me scale two UK companies from zero revenue to beyond £25 million in just five years.


Why Your Business Needs to Put Coaching First

Learning, developing, growing – there’s a reason these three words go together. You can’t have one without the other. They depend on each other. I’ve worked in businesses that place a high value on coaching and ones that don’t. And the ones that don’t are the businesses that stagnate.


How to Supercharge your Executive Team

Be honest. Is your exec team as good as it could be? Are they tight-knit, collaborative and honest? Do they understand and support each other? Is everyone working towards the same goal? If the answer’s no, I’d suggest you have some work to do.


The Books Business Leaders Read

I love to read. Because I love to learn. Not only do I read in order to make me better as a coach, but to know more about the world. Which I suppose impacts on the way I think and act in business too.