Dominic Monkhouse Leadership Guru

Dominic has spent 14 years working in sales, marketing and business management within the IT sector. He has held executive positions at Peer 1 Hosting, IT Lab and Rackspace. At Peer 1 he built the UK business to £30m run rate in 5 years. He won many awards for creating a great place to work. At Rackspace Dominic built the UK company from four to 150 staff, and increased annual revenues from £595,000 to £25 million in just four years. Under his management, Rackspace was recognised as one of the most outstanding workplaces in Europe, and won several service awards for its Fanatical Support TM. Dominic has a BSc in Agricultural and Food Marketing from Newcastle and a MBA from Sheffield Business School. Dominic is also a regular public speaker on creating great places to work and achieving continuous client satisfaction and an assessor on the Sunday Times Customer Experience Awards.


How to Create the Right Surroundings for Growth

You’re an ambitious CEO with your sights set on growth. You want to scale-up and have a plan to get there. Before you undo the ropes and cast off, there’s one last Rockefeller Habit to consider. The tenth and final Habit in the execution framework designed by Verne Harnish centres on office environment. And, specifically, whether your staff are surrounded by visible reminders of your plans and performance.


Do Your Staff Know When They’ve had a Good Day?

Motivation and engagement – the holy grails of any business. With productivity levels languishing in the UK, companies need to get real about this. Just a few, well-chosen initiatives can make all the difference, unlocking up to 40% more effort in every employee. And certainly, if you’re looking to scale-up, you need to get fanatical about driving up engagement. 


10 Ways to Build a Scaling-up Mindset

There’s no doubt about it. Scaling-up is hard work. It requires a sea change in management thinking and a whole new set of skills. It’s as much about mindset as it is about actions and the learning curve can be pretty steep.


Do Your Employees “Get” Your Strategy?

Here’s a challenge for you. Tomorrow, ask your staff to describe your company strategy. Could they do this quickly and accurately? If the answer’s yes, congratulations! You’ve nailed one of the Rockefeller Habits, meaning you’re more likely to achieve the growth you crave. If the answer’s no, you’re not alone. Many of the businesses I coach are vague about their direction of travel and this communicates itself to staff.


How to Bring Values and Purpose to Life in your Business

Feeling a bit cynical about the idea of company values and purpose? Think they’re a load of corporate bullsh*t dreamt up by consultants who charge a fortune? That may be because you haven’t brought them to life in your business. It’s all very well deciding what they are. It’s a whole other ball game getting your staff to buy into them. You’re likely to face the same raised eye-brows and cynical shrugs of shoulders.