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19 days

Shell's Impressive Energy Transition

Shell is one of the biggest oil companies directly impacted by the decarbonization of energy. Similar to Total and BP, its direct competitors, Shell is evolving its energy mix. Mainly focused on oil in the past, it will now rely on new pillars including gas and electricity. It plans to allocate $2 billion in infrastructure and tech investments to support its energy transition. The large corporation wants to become a major energy player by moving on from traditional utilities. 

24 days

Energy Self-Consumption: A Rising Model

How not to speak of individual self-consumption as the subject fills the columns of newspapers and as this mechanism seems obvious in the context of energy transitions? what could be simpler than consuming the electron that we produced, on our roof for example, with our photovoltaic panels? What could be more natural ?

5 months

Energy Transition: It's Now or Never

In all countries, energy transitions must respond to an increasing pressure on environmental goals.

5 months

Centralized Energy vs Decentralized Energy

Two worlds of energy seem to mix today: one linked to the centralized energy sources, some will say the old world and the one related to the decentralized energy sources, the same people will say the new world or the world of the new energy.

5 months

The Complexity of the Energy Efficiency in Industries

Among the energy efficiency actions carried out on industrial processes, those involving the replacement of machinery or machine components, for example motors that consume less energy, are the most natural: their technical dimension corresponds to the culture of most industrial environments. But these actions are rarely carried out with a systemic dimension because each machine has its specialist to whom it is easy to delegate its replacement with specific objectives.

5 months

Energy Efficiency & Industrial Buildings: A Highly Demanding Exercise

Residential buildings are often singled out as an important source of energy savings: they account for a quarter of Europe’s final energy consumption. Residential consumers, these big Boeotians of energy, are put in the front line to contribute to the necessary efforts.

6 months

How Environmental Friendly are Electric Cars?

The most common idea about electric vehicles, especially electric cars, is that they are an answer, if not the answer, to the need to decarbonize mobility. Most of us consider that driving an electric motor emits less CO2 than burning petroleum derivatives in a heat engine.