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15 days

An Energy Audit is Not a Guarantee of Performance

Many countries have made energy audits mandatory, especially for larger consumers, as part of their energy efficiency policy. But is this provision effective? Is it the first step in the desired energy transition for all consumers?

18 days

Energy Transition: An Offensive Approach

Unlike the United States and France, there are other countries that have adopted for various reasons a more offensive strategy in the face of energy transition issues.

19 days

How to Avoid Scaling up Killing Your Company Culture

The moment your very success is the very thing that threatens to kill your business comes as quite a surprise. For me the moment, in my last business, hit me like a slap in the face with a wet fish. Not something you forget!

20 days

Electricity and Gas vs Energy Intelligence

The sole activity of energy companies vis-à-vis their residential customers has been, for decades, to provide and sell them, gas and electricity, in seemingly unlimited quantity and with a minimum of shortages.

22 days

Rethinking Energy Transition and Lobbying

First of all, let us define what lobbying is: for me, it includes all the influence actions carried out on behalf of one or more economic actors to influence decision-makers, principally, legislators.

23 days

Deploying Energy Solutions for Professionals Means Learning How to Get out of Your Comfort Zone

Providing energy solutions to large consumers is less and less to meet an isolated need, so less and less sell only energy. On the contrary, it means knowing how to accompany them for a long period of time, responding to their new needs as and when they are ahead of them.

23 days

European Elections Essential for Energy

The European elections reveal more important issues for energy than one might think at first glance.

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