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3 months

Energy Transitions Need Societal Changes

Energy transitions are global movements in which many actors have a very different role: the regulators set a frame or promote the evolutions, the citizens alert and are used to initiate many changes, the big actors try to favor the movement while protecting their interests.

3 months

Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) Offered Everywhere: Isn't It Surprising?

Yesterday flexibility aggregators were in fashion; today, the trend favors VPPs, aggregations of production capacities and, in some cases, demand response capacities, whose flexibility is valued.

4 months

How Energy Companies Can Keep Great Employees

Those who take their business or leadership role seriously know that life is much easier and business is much more successful with real talent in your team. The CEO’s of two of the most successful businesses in corporate history, Steve Jobs at Apple and Jack Welch at GE, were both very vocal about having A players on your team. Often, I'm asked to write or speak about acquiring top talent. That stands to reason, it's what my company, Hyperion Executive Search does, help companies find the very best talent. But we also help clients to retain that top talent.

5 months

The Energy Transition is Not only a Matter of Scenario

RTE, the French TSO, has recently published 5 energy transition scenarios to help policymakers set a framework for the French energy policy. These are 5 more scenarios.

6 months

What is the Interest of a Multi-Brand Strategy for Historical Suppliers?

In their usual field of action, the incumbent energy suppliers have only one option in front of the opening and liberalization of the market : losing market shares. Their goal is, of course, to lose as little as possible.

6 months

Energy Transition: You Need the Right Skills

The energy transition is a disruptive evolution everyone sees clearly today. Its technological, business, economic and regulatory aspects are often debated and commented.

6 months

Is Volkswagen the Most Disruptive Player in the Energy Market?

The biggest changes are often rooted in the most important crises. Volkswagen could be the last example. In early January 2019, after going through an unprecedented crisis, Volkswagen announced the creation of its subsidiary Elli, a support for its electric mobility policy.