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4 months

Crowdfunding & Energy Storage Start-ups

Energy storage is moving at a phenomenal rate, not just in terms of product development, but also in terms of start-ups, bankruptcies, mergers, acquisitions, and increasingly, crowdfunding. Any start up faces a multitude of challenges with regard to product design and development, their people of course, but funding has to be the most important of all. Any start-up faces a range of options to fund their evolution, from debt or a range of equity options. Increasingly we are seeing energy storage and other tech companies take the path of crowdfunding. I spoke to MD of ChargeSync Matthew Hunt (no relation), about their reasoning for choosing to crowdfund, and how the process has been.

4 months

We Urgently Need Interoperability in the UK

Did you see the good news about EV and ULEV (UltraLow emissions Vehicle) registrations going up significantly? In the year ended March 2017 a total of 43,819 ULEVs were registered, driving registered vehicle numbers up. That figure is representative of a 34% increase year-on-year and more than 90% up on registrations two years ago. We now have over 108,000 registered on the roads of the UK.

4 months

COP23: The Fight Against Climate Change Continues

A couple of weeks ago, climate change was placed at the centre of global diplomacy as ministers and countries' representatives from all around the world gathered in Bonn, Germany, for the latest annual round of the United Nations climate talks (COP23). While technical negotiations to carry out the Paris Agreement didn’t produce many fireworks as expected, the meeting saw some important announcements on coal and a new coalition of U.S. climate leaders filling the diplomatic space abdicated under President Trump.