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3 months

Is Energy Efficiency an Obligation?

What lies behind this innocuous question? For some proponents of liberalism, energy efficiency should not be an obligation, free to everyone to commit to it: it is clear that few actors feel concerned and the progress we must make will be achieved in almost no country.

3 months

Smart Cities: Citizens will be at the heart of their success

The summer allowed me to expose different aspects of Smart Energy Cities: the reasons which make them unavoidable, the founding actions of any initiative wishing to be crowned of successes and accompanying actions that no city can dispense with considering.

3 months

The Energy Transition: A Defensive Overview

The energy transition is a path followed by each country that wants to define its energy policy by achieving major objectives: reduce its environmental impact and CO2 emissions by getting out of the nuclear industry.

3 months

9 Essential Energy Action Plans in Smart Cities

In a recent article, I explained the 7 actions that are essential to create a "smart energy city". These 7 actions are the founding pillars of any energy policy of a city. These included the establishment of local energy governance, a public exemplary plan, a plan for carbon-free mobility, and an energy renovation plan for buildings.

4 months

Smart Cities are Here to Stay

Smart cities rely on technology and operational efficiency to share information with the public in order to improve citizen welfare and the quality of government services. The main aim is to optimise city functions and drive economic growth by using smart technology and data analysis. Emerging trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and automation are driving smart city adoption.

4 months

7 Key Actions to Create Smart Energy Cities

The concept of smart energy city is the latest response to the diverse efforts and research conducted by several governments to create more sustainable, less dispersed and more liveable cities. Energy efficiency is the main entry point. Developing a smart city that is heading towards a successful energy transition, mainly by reducing CO2 emissions, can be a complex issue. 

4 months

Passionate, Fact-Driven, Optimistic: Young Climate Leaders Give Reason for Hope

When faced with daily doses of tragedy – volcanoes, heat waves, wildfires, school shootings, corrupt international political networks, and the consequences of extremism – it is too easy to ignore the longer-term good news. For one, long-term trends are not as bad as they seem. For another, a new generation of leaders gives reason for hope. Generations Y and Z are spawning torch-bearers with compassion and conviction, driven by purpose, facts, and optimism. 

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