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2 months

Energy Transition: You Need the Right Skills

The energy transition is a disruptive evolution everyone sees clearly today. Its technological, business, economic and regulatory aspects are often debated and commented.

2 months

Is Volkswagen the Most Disruptive Player in the Energy Market?

The biggest changes are often rooted in the most important crises. Volkswagen could be the last example. In early January 2019, after going through an unprecedented crisis, Volkswagen announced the creation of its subsidiary Elli, a support for its electric mobility policy.

2 months

Solar Photovoltaic: The Starting Point of an Unprecedented Energy Adventure

Solar photovoltaic is today the third source of renewable electricity after hydroelectricity and wind power. It accounts for around 1.5% of global electricity production and more than 3% of European production.

2 months

Changing Uses at the Heart of the Energy Transition

The European energy transition, in progress in almost all countries, is part of the contribution of the Old Continent to the fight against climate change. The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, CO2 first, is at the center of the concerns.

2 months

How Cities are Dealing with Extreme Energy Issues

For decades, the world of energy has developed around fairly stable chains of actors within which the roles were clear and well distributed. In recent years, cities and local authorities have tried to invite themselves among the historical actors.

2 months

Each Energy Transition Can Hide Another One

The energy transition can be conceived as a catch-all concept in which all changes in the energy mix, energy systems and regulations are grouped together.

2 months

The Energy Actors Should Do More to Save Our Planet

Every day, we become more aware of the speed at which the climate is disturbed, the depth of the disturbances and the progressively irreversible nature of the latter. And we understand that the energy community will be a strong contributor to the fight against this climate change. Almost all energy stakeholders have clearly identified it as an essential part of their agenda.

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