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4 months

The Suicidal Behaviour of Energy Suppliers

At first glance, the development of better energy efficiency generates the erosion of the activity of energy companies leading some of them to show that they highly contribute to a better efficiency while doing as little as possible. Forgive those who are shocked by such an assertion.

5 months

Switzerland's Position in the Electricity Market

Once again, I propose to turn the spotlight on Switzerland. The country is undergoing regulatory change. The Swiss market is governed by the LApEl, the electricity supply law, the current version of which dates from 2007. A new version is planned in the wake of the vote in favor of the 2050 strategy, a frame Switzerland has set for guiding its energy transition.

5 months

The Smart Home Headache

In the residential market, the Smart Home has been for a long time, the miracle offer that will take off, the technological showcase of manufacturers and energy specialists. But for a long time too, these offers are struggling to break through, stumbling on the difficulty of offering a clearly perceived and attractive value and the technical difficulty of making these offers simple.

5 months

Are We Still in Need of Energy Economists?

Sometimes you have to provoke to draw attention to a subject! Now I seem to be tackling an institution established for long in the energy markets! Why is that?

5 months

Energy Transitions Need Societal Changes

Energy transitions are global movements in which many actors have a very different role: the regulators set a frame or promote the evolutions, the citizens alert and are used to initiate many changes, the big actors try to favor the movement while protecting their interests.

6 months

The Issues of the Energy Transition

In previous articles, we asked about our energy transitions, our level of ambition and understanding of the issues, and the strengths we have to take action.

6 months

Energy Transition: The Right Skills are Necessary

The energy transition is a disruptive evolution everyone sees clearly today. Its technological, business, economic and regulatory aspects are often debated and commented.