Eric Morel Energy Guru

Eric Morel is a worldwide recognised expert of energy transition and digitalisation. In the past, he has served as VP Corporate Business Strategy and VP Global Smart Grids and Energy Efficiency at Schneider Electric as well as CEO of Ilevo, a telecommunication start-up. He is a founding member and a former Board member of the Gridwise Alliance, the main professional private/public association dedicated to Smart Energy.

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Enel, E.on, Engie, Bristish Gas, Fortum, Total: 6 Models to Watch

Among the major European energy companies, some are distinguished by new and more proactive modes of action. I chose 6, which made different choices and took seemingly different routes. Their strategic options are to be closely watched to understand and imagine the future of energy in Europe.


Disruptive Technologies are on our Doorstep: Blockchains

What are Blockchains? Blockchains are information and communication systems that are particularly suitable for managing “peer to peer” transactions and exchanges. They do not use really new technologies but very innovatively assemble existing technologies for managing registers (databases) of data allowing storage, treatment, exchanges with an unequaled level of security, reliability and confidentiality.


Disruptive Technologies are on our Doorstep: Power over Ethernet

What is Power over Ethernet (you will hear about PoE)?


The Energy Transition of Today and Tomorrow

An energy transition, i.e. a significant change in the energy mix, considered most often in a country, is only relevant if it significantly improves one of the expected performances of energy systems and markets: the cost of energy, its availability, the energy independence of the country in question or the environmental impact.


Energy Players Should do More to Protect Climate

Every day, we become more aware of the speed at which the climate is disturbed, the depth of the disturbances and the progressively irreversible nature of the latter. And we understand that the energy community will be a strong contributor to the fight against this climate change. Almost all energy stakeholders have clearly identified it as an essential part of their agenda.


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