Eric Morel Energy Guru

Eric Morel is a worldwide recognised expert of energy transition and digitalisation. In the past, he has served as VP Corporate Business Strategy and VP Global Smart Grids and Energy Efficiency at Schneider Electric as well as CEO of Ilevo, a telecommunication start-up. He is a founding member and a former Board member of the Gridwise Alliance, the main professional private/public association dedicated to Smart Energy.


Is Collective Self-Consumption A Regulatory Affair?

After having explored this question about individual self-consumption a few weeks ago, it seems interesting to pay a special interest to the case of collective self-consumption.


Will Short Channels Win the World of Energy?

We have seen short channels grow strongly in recent years in the distribution of food products. They seem to respond to a background trend that manifests itself in various ways: 


Energy Actors to Follow: Eneco

The Dutch energy ecosystem is particularly innovative: It is not surprising for the local players to be of particular interest to all energy companies for their pioneering and innovative nature. Among them, the ENECO group. 


Energy Efficiency of Industrial Processes: A Minefield Rarely Explored

Industrial processes offer a very important source of energy efficiency, all the more important to exploit as these processes are evolving and that a permanent attention is required to maintain a performance of good level.


Why Energy Service Companies are not so Successful in Europe?

The title of this article is already ambiguous considering that energy service companies (ESCOs) have only one growth or business model. This is not the case. In their diversity of actions, these companies have been successful in the US where their market could be today about 8 billion dollars.