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Private Equity Still Votes for Commercial Real Estate

Commercial segment saw a total PE inflow of nearly USD 2.8 bn in 2018 - up from USD 2.20 bn in 2017 Office yields are 12-14% PA, rental yields for housing 2.5-3.5% Residential revival depends on returning investor interest

2 months

Indian Government Sops Boost Housing Sales by 12% in Q1 2019 over Q4 2018

New supply across top 7 cities up by 27% q-o-q – from 55,600 units in Q4 2018 to 70,490 units this quarter; defies conventional election period trends Pune and MMR see max. quarterly rise in both housing sales and new supply; absorption in Pune rose by 24%, in MMR by 19% Bengaluru frontrunner in shedding unsold stock; sees 9% decline in Q1 2019 over previous quarter & a 27% yearly fall New affordable housing supply sees over 47% q-o-q jump – from 20,800 units in Q4 2018 to 30,750 units this quarter Annual housing sales rise 58%, new launches up by 91% across the top 7 cities

2 months

New E-commerce Policy: Indian Retailers Seek to Override the Fallout

The advent of e-commerce in India 'smartly' altered the shopping habits of Indian netizens. Anything and everything - from groceries to apparel to electronics etc. – is now just a click away. For a while, it appeared that 'couch potato shopping' was gaining prominence and disrupting the entire brick-and-mortar business. 

2 months

Is Artificial Intelligence Enhancing or Destroying Financial Planning & Analysis as We Know It?

When I hear or read that artificial intelligence (AI) is “disrupting” financial planning and analysis, I tend to challenge the premise. The word “disrupt” means to me to interrupt, alter or destroy the structure of something. I look at AI (or really all technology for that matter) as having the potential to enhance and/or improve the financial planning & analysis (FP&A) function. Semantics? Maybe.

3 months

ICOs: The Devil is in the Details

In this article, I want to explore certain nuances of ICOs. For the uninitiated, the acronym ICO stands for Initial Coin Offerings. They are also sometimes known as Token Generating Events (TGEs), and in some instances, also referred to as WTFLOL. If I have to be honest, with the amounts being raised, and the business models being funded, WTFLOL describes almost everything happening in this space.

3 months

Indian General Elections - The Real Estate Connection

A new Government with a clear majority raised optimism in 2014. Nearly 5.45 lakh units launched in the year and nearly 3.43 lakh units sold - previous year saw launch of approx. 4.6 lakh units) and lower sales. Long-term benefits of recent reforms will accrue only with the continuity of their enforcement by this or the next Government.

3 months

GST Rate Cut – Panacea or Brief Pain Relief for Real Estate?

GST rate cut or not, GST-exempt ready-to-move draws maximum sales. Of total unsold stock of 6.73 lakh units in the top 7 cities, only 13% are ready-to-move-in. Of 5.88 lakh unsold under-construction units, 20% to be completed in 2019 – addition of 1.16 lakh RTM units. Can a marginal tax saving on overpriced properties trigger sentiment revival in delay-tainted under construction segment?