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7 months

The Options Theory of Life

The thing about life is that there are always times when you question yourself.

7 months

Millennial Women – Riding High on Homeownership

Nearly 60% women home seekers prefer a property within the budget-range of INR 80 lakh; 52% will opt for ready-to-move-in homes Women homebuyers benefit from lower stamp duty charges, low home loan interest rates, and tax deductions Women must now mandatory be either co-owners or sole owners of affordable homes.

7 months

The Inexperienced Investor

Don’t you think that people these days are professionally qualified, but financially illiterate? 

7 months

Multi-modal Infrastructure Steers India's Real Estate Growth

Infrastructure & real estate together contribute 29.5% to India's GDP – higher than US (22.6%) and China (17.6%) Budget allocations in infra see massive jump - from USD 791 bn in 2014-15 to USD 2,042 bn in 2019-20  Sector attracted massive FDI worth INR 207 bn in last 5 years backed by growing economy & strong fundamentals

7 months

GST Rates Cut, Affordable Housing Redefined

The slash in GST rates to 5% without ITC from the previous 12% with ITC for premium homes, and to 1% minus ITC for affordable homes from the earlier 8%, gives the beleaguered realty sector the much-needed breathing room and will certainly help it maintain some forward momentum in 2019. Another booster shot given by the government is changing the very definition of the budget-range of affordable housing.

7 months

How Blockchain Technologies Can Solve Real Financial Problems

I have been a close observer of the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets for some time now. It is now pretty clear to me (and a lot of other people!) that this technology has a lot of potential. I am quite optimistic that it can radically change the way we interact, transact and trust one another. Many people are skeptical about cryptocurrencies (it is a ponzi scheme!), but there is little doubt about the usefulness of the applications that cryptos enable.

7 months

5% GST without ITC - Impact on Buyers, Builders and Exchequer

The keenly-awaited meeting of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council, which was supposed to deliver a final decision on the differential tax rates on real estate yesterday, hopes to reach a consensus on the 24th. This is a critical matter and the outcome will have a notable impact on real estate market sentiment.