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5 days

The Jobs Problem in India

One of India's biggest economic challenges is how new jobs are going to be created. Venkatraman Anantha Nageswaran and Gulzar Natarajan explore the issue in "India’s Quest for Jobs: A Policy Agenda" (Carnegie India, September 2019). They write:

6 days

The Pedagogical Lessons and Tradeoffs of Online Higher Education

The Fall 2019 issue of Daedalus is on the subject "Improving Teaching: Strengthening the College Learning Experience," edited by Sandy Baum and Michael S. McPherson. There's a lot to digest in the issue, and I'll list the table of contents below. But I found myself especially interested by the comments on online education in "The Human Factor: The Promise & Limits of Online Education," by Baum and McPherson, as well as in "The Future of Undergraduate Education: Will Differences across Sectors Exacerbate Inequality?" by Daniel I. Greenstein.

7 days

Challenges Facing the Arab Development Model

Here's a description of the Arab "social contract" and "development model" according to a recent report by Adel Abdellatif, Paola Pagliani, and Ellen Hsu, "Leaving No One Behind Towards Inclusive Citizenship in Arab Countries" (July 2019). It's an Arab Human Development Report Research Paper, written for the Regional Bureau for Arab States in the UN Development Programme. They write:

9 days

Value, Momentum and Carry – Is it Time for Equity Investors to Switch?

·        Index tracking and growth funds have outperformed value managers for several years ·        Last month value was resurgent, but will it last? ·        In the long run, value has offered a better risk adjusted return ·        The long-term expected return from growth stocks remains hard to assess

10 days

The Dispersion of High and Low Productivity Firms Within an Industry

If you think about an economy as fairly stable and static, you would expect that any two companies within an industry would be fairly close in terms of productivity. After all, if Company A and Company B are selling similar products, and A has much higher productivity than B, it should drive B out of business. Thus, one might expect that at the end of this process, the competitors we observe within an industry in the real world should be fairly close in productivity level.

13 days

Trade: The Perils of Overstating Benefits and Costs

A vibrant and healthy economy will be continually in transition, as new technologies arise, leading to new production processes and new products, and consumer preferences shift. In addition, some companies will be managed better or have more motivated and skilled workers, while others will not. Some companies will build reputation and invest in organizational capabilities, and others will not.  International trade is of course one reason for the process of transition.

13 days

Employment Patterns for Older Americans

Americans are living longer, and also are more likely to be working in their 60s and 70s. The Congressional Budget Office provides an overview of some patterns in "Employment of People Ages 55 to 79" (September 2019). CBO writes: