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7 days

Some Economics of Hurricanes

As Hurricane Florence slams into the southeastern United States, here are a few posts from the past on the economics of hurricanes and other natural disasters.

8 days

Ten Years After Lehman. The Solution Was “More Lehmans”

The day Lehman went bankrupt I left the office in London for Waterloo Station and realized that something monumental had happened. The faces of the dozens of people waiting patiently for trains from the center to their homes were revealing. Most of them were, like me, City workers. Panic.

11 days

The Family Options Experiment: Reducing Homelessness with Long-Term Rent Subsidies

What policy steps might offer at least a medium-term solution for homelessness affecting families with children? The Family Options Study is a randomized experiment run by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development that sought to address this topic. As it explains at the website:

14 days

A Concerning Indian Economic Outlook

The biggest mistakes in analysing macroeconomic data is to assume causality to factors that are just catalysts. Don’t blame the Fed or Trump. That is just noise. The problem of emerging markets is largely self-inflicted and comes after years of raising imbalances, both at a trade and fiscal level, based on impossible expectations of growth and demand.

15 days

Regional Trade Agreements: A Popularity Nosedive

The Doha round of the World Trade Organization talks started way back in 2001, and seems to have come to a standstill. Regional trade agreements became the preferred path for many nations, with 20-25 per year being negotiated most years from 2002-2016. Then the number drops off sharply in 2017, and falls almost to zero so far in 2018.

16 days

How US Multinationals Shifting Income to Foreign Countries Reduces Measured GDP

US corporations work their accounting system so that sales and profits turn up in non-U.S. jurisdictions (for example, here' s a description of the Double Irish Dutch Sandwich technique). One implication is that corporations pay lower US and overall taxes; another is that because of this shifting, measured US GDP is smaller than it would otherwise be. 

17 days

US Domination in the Global Stock Market

The stock market, like any other market, is a set of relative opportunities, not absolute ones. I have never seen a more pessimistic environment despite a stock market that continues to reach all-time highs. The S&P 500. Many economists are writing about the evidence of the bubble and the risks of a stock market crash.