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7 days

How are Chinese Stocks Responding to Tariffs with the US and a Slowdown in Asian Growth?

·        Despite US tariffs, China’s September trade balance with the US reached a record high

8 days

The Return of Quantitative Easing

Traditional monetary policy, as practiced in the decades up to 2007, faces a problem looking ahead. The shared areas in this figure show recessions.  During a typical recession, the Federal Reserve cut its policy target interest rates--the so-called federal funds rate--by about 5 percentage points.

9 days

Argentina Peso: Calm or Truce?

The latest measures adopted by the Central Bank and the government of Argentina have stopped the collapse of the peso. However, without structural reforms on the spending side, we may find ourselves with a period of calm before a new storm.

10 days

The Scandinavian Style of Capitalism

It is a truth universally acknowledged that arguing about the definitions of terms like "capitalism" and "socialism" is a waste of time. So rather than argue, I will simply assert that the world has many flavors of capitalism: among them, US/British, Japanese, Scandinavian/northern European, German, Spanish/French/Italian southern European, and doubtless others. Within the United States, one might further identify a spectrum of capitalist beliefs.

14 days

Parsing Trump's Deregulation Plans

Many people have visceral but opposite reactions to the word "regulation." Some have an immediately positive reaction to almost any mention of regulation, in a belief that it is likely to be necessary corrective. Others have an immediately negative reaction, in the belief that it is likely to be a wasteful and perhaps even harmful overreaction. Me, I'm just a wishy-washy guy who thinks that some regulations can be useful, while others are misguided. On the off chance that there are a few more like me out there, how should we be reacting to the Trump administration's deregulation agenda?

15 days

The Economics of Kinlessness

Kinlessness refers to a person without close living relatives. The idea of "close relatives" can be defined various ways: for example, as no living partner or children, or as no living partner, children, siblings, or parents. Ashton M. Verdery and Rachel Margolis present "Projections of white and black older adults without living kin in the United States, 2015 to 2060" (PNAS, October 17, 2017, 114: 42, 11109-11114). They write:

17 days

Analyzing Global and US Wealth

Wealth is not income. Income is the inflow measured over a period of time, like a pay period or a calendar year. Wealth is the accumulation of financial and real assets, minus debts. The total in retirement account and the equity in your house are wealth, but they are not income. The Credit Suisse Research Institute provides some perspectives in its recently published Global Wealth Report 2018,