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1 month

Replacing LIBOR: An International Overview

LIBOR stands for "London Interbank Offered Rate." For a long time, it was probably most common  benchmark interest rate in the world--that is, it was the built into trillions of dollars worth of loans and financial contracts that if the LIBOR interest rate went up or down, the contract would adjust accordingly.

2 months

Market Shares for Browsers and Platforms

Teachers of intro economics, as well as industrial organization classes, are often on the lookout for recent examples of market shares that can be used for talking about the extent to which certain markets are concentrated or competitive. The W3 Counter offers a monthly breakdown of market shares for browsers and platforms. For February 2019, here's a figure for internet browser market share:

2 months

Child Care and Working Mothers

During the 1990s, a social and legal expectation arose in the United States that single mothers would usually be in the workforce, even when their children were young. In turn, this immediately raised a question of how child care would be provided. The 2019 Economic Report of the President from the White House Council of Economic Advisers, offers some useful graphs and analysis of this subject.

2 months

China in Transition - From Manufacturer to Consumer

China is evolving from a current account surplus to deficit country Increased domestic consumption and dis-saving by an ageing population drives the trend  Lower investment in developed countries may be assuaged by major central banks Emerging and Frontier markets will struggle to replace China's long-term investment

2 months

Geoengineering: The Governance Problem

Solar geoengineering refers to putting stuff in the atmosphere that would have the effect of counteracting greenhouse gases. Yes, there would be risks in undertaking geoengineering. However, those who argue that substantial dangers of climate change are fairly near-term must be willing to consider potentially unpleasant answers. Even if the risks of geoengineering are too substantial right now, given the present state of climate change, if the world as a whole doesn't move forward with steps to hold down emissions of greenhouse gases, then perhaps the risks of geoengineering will look more acceptable in a decade or two? 

2 months

Should We Abolish Statistical Significance?

The idea of "statistical significance" has been a basic concept in introductory statistics courses for decades. If you spend any time looking at quantitative research, you will often see in tables of results that certain numbers are marked with an asterisk or some other symbol to show that they are "statistically significant."

2 months

The New Green Deal Is Not New

No, it is not a new deal, and it should not be.