Ha Tran, MD Healthcare Guru

Ha is a Pediatric Nephrologist with formal training in Epidemiology and Clinical Research with both academic and industry experience in drug safety/pharmacovigilance and clinical science/development. She completed her education at Ross University School of Medicine and Stanford University School of Medicine. 


How to Tell A Mother Her Child is Dead

Without a doubt, the hardest part of practicing any type of pediatric medicine is delivering bad news to the parents. It is very common for me to inform parents that their child has renal failure, needs dialysis, and a kidney transplant. There are a lot of tears, but with reassurance, there is comfort in hope for the future.


Behind Every Hard Case, There is a Hard Decision

Like most physicians, I could write a book about hard cases. Many of them bring back memories purposely suppressed only slightly below our subconscious. Cases of severe multi-organ trauma, child abuse, social discord, DIC with uncontrollable hemorrhage, complicated zebras, etc. Regardless of the complexity of the cases, difficult cases come with difficult decisions.