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Huiwen is the founder of WeClustr, an online community for creators, makers in arts, crafts or any creative businesses. She completed her bachelor and master's degrees at Tongji University, ESSEC Business School and the London School of Economics. 


Stories - Chapter 23

All my life, basically, I was searching for something.


Stories - Chapter 22

I was miserable. I thought it was because of the company, the people, the incentive system – all flawed. I was struggling. I wanted changes. I tried, in many ways. One day, I finally told my boss that I wanted to quit. After that, they changed my job title, content, salary. So I stayed. But still, I was unhappy. I went to career councils. I didn’t know what was wrong. I didn’t know what I was doing and why. I felt that I was wasting my life. I felt like a boiling frog. I was frustrated, desperate. I was lost.


Stories - Chapter 21

I always had a desire to bring something positive to the world, to contribute beyond myself. I had it from very early on. I was always looking for how to do it. I think it was a bit buried when I was a teenager. Then I studied engineering out of practicality. After finishing that, I started working in that industry, but it just felt like something was missing. So I changed jobs. Eventually, I realised that I had to do something completely different because I felt so empty. So I left my job.


Tony the Taurus

Chapter I (00:00): My name is Tony. I am 68. I am getting old, and that’s the problem. I used to work on a fishing boat, in deep sea. That was my job. I worked in -40 degree. It was very cold, and you can’t wear gloves, because the line will slip.


Stories - Chapter 20

When I moved to London, I became obsessed with the free toilets. I was a penny pinching student and I didn’t like to spend money to use them. When I graduated from the university, I was trying to figure out what to do with myself. I was in the country on a Graduate Entrepreneur visa which pretty much ruled out any ‘traditional’ employment. I’d had a few interviews for tour guiding companies, and I would always joke about my expert toilet knowledge. Eventually someone said to me: ‘You talk an awful lot about toilets. Why don’t you do a tour about that?’ So I did.