Issac Thomas Tech Guru

Issac is a Tech enthusiast who is excited about his goals. He is a man who weaves words through his life experiences and imaginations of mind. He is an explorer who keeps browsing his ways through the world wide web, a digital explorer in quest of excellence. He is an excellent content writer that empowers organizations wherever he works for using words. Issac holds a master's in Applied Chemistry from Barktatullah Vishwavidyalaya. 


Struggling with Marketing your Startup - Do These Three Things

"We do not have enough budget for marketing."


Five Content Marketing Trends to Follow in 2019

Like every expertise in the world, content marketing is subject to change, and trends always have a huge impact on the way content marketing is evolving. Professionals around the world have a habit of following the trends. Aspiring people latch on to the new trends, innovative ideas and concepts, try them out, and if it works for them, they continue doing it, or else they drop it and try something else.


21 Content Marketing Tips For Your Small Business

In the business world, there are majorly two types of businesses, and they are:


8 Things to Keep in Mind before Going through any Content Marketing Strategy

A content strategy is a segment of your marketing plan that deals with the management of any media that you create and own – written or visual. Along with content curation, one needs to form a deliberate strategy and execute this plan in an efficient manner to attain the desired results.  


Exploring the Potential of Blockchain Technology in your Organisation

Internet was the big revolution in the 90s, and as we entered the 21st century, the Internet took all of us in the digital era. Now, the world is planning to go through another revolution - the decentralisation Revolution - and the signs have started showing up.