Issac Thomas Tech Guru

Issac is a Tech enthusiast who is excited about his goals. He is a man who weaves words through his life experiences and imaginations of mind. He is an explorer who keeps browsing his ways through the world wide web, a digital explorer in quest of excellence. He is an excellent content writer that empowers organizations wherever he works for using words. Issac holds a master's in Applied Chemistry from Barktatullah Vishwavidyalaya. 

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Why Scaling up Too Soon is Bad for Business?

"Know your business, nail it, excel in it before you scale up and rise in size" Startup wisdom. Some 5-6 years ago when reality shows were ruling the stage of Indian television, there were a lot of reality singing talent shows. I was watching one of that singer hunt shows where a candidate gets rejected, but before he left, one of the Judges gave him a fantastic advice. She said, Rehearse more, practice more and don't worry if it takes time. The more time it takes, the stronger your flight would be.


Make your Idea Count, Execute it

During all those career related gossips with friends, when everyone is pouring out their frustrations and letting out that life is so unfair feelings. In all those conversations, there is always that one friend who says. “I had the idea for Facebook, only had I acted on it. I would be a billionaire. That is a pathetic logic and people who say this live in their own delusional world. Having the idea of for a Facebook or an Amazon or an uber has nothing to do with actually creating any of them. As Batman from Gotham says, It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.


Be Responsible with Money when Starting a Startup

Struggling is a way of life it seems. As I juggle hard every morning through the Delhi traffic to make my way to the startup where I work. I do realize struggles are a part of our life and so are managing your finances. The same applies to the life of an entrepreneur who is nurturing his or her startup.


Are you Ready for a Digital Revolution?

Technology is the greatest asset for a business today- It's a plain and simple fact. Globalization and the limitless powers of the internet have changed the demographics of business which can cause deep and lasting changes in the ways businesses are done.