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Issac is a Tech enthusiast who is excited about his goals. He is a man who weaves words through his life experiences and imaginations of mind. He is an explorer who keeps browsing his ways through the world wide web, a digital explorer in quest of excellence. He is an excellent content writer that empowers organizations wherever he works for using words. Issac holds a master's in Applied Chemistry from Barktatullah Vishwavidyalaya. 

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How do Successful Brands do Content Marketing?

Recently, I came across MentorBox, a company that has a different business model as compared to Amazon. Amazon sells books, MentorBox too, but its product, positioning, targeting and marketing — everything is 180 degrees different from Amazon.


Tackling Cyber Attacks in the Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector is one of the most risk-prone sectors to cyber attacks across the globe. With consistent cyber attacks on the healthcare sector in recent times. It can be said that this growing sector has undoubtedly caught the attention of cyber attackers.


If You Have an Idea, Can you Start a Business?

Ideas are something that keeps popping our restless minds. Our mind is flooded with countless thoughts every day. And deep down many of us have this desire to start a business, a wish to own a startup. When you slog and hustle hard for someone else, this self-awakening thought always comes up. If I put in the same amount of hard work in my own thing, in my own business? Damn, I would be rich. Why should I work as a slave to someone else? But then inspiration is perishable and as those thoughts that motivated you fly away in thin air, so does your will to make things happen.


Employ These 7 Strategies to Make your Glocal Startup a Success

Glocal startup is a venture that merges the two words global and local into one. A startup that aims to provide it services globally and locally is called a glocal startup. Though the big names in the startup industry do practice glocalization, this trend has slowly started picking pace in early stage startups and small scale industries.


Five Ways to Develop Effective Business Communication Skills

If you are an entrepreneur, you will always wish your business to run as smoothly as possible. Many a times, your key areas of focus would be skillsets like time-management and leadership. These skills are surely important but there is one skill that is underrated and is always overlooked and that skill is the skill of communication.