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James is the Marketing Director at StratIS. He was named Top Voice on LinkedIn in 2015, and the number two voice in healthcare from more than 2 million bloggers on the platform. He was the creator of the Seinfeld Birthday Project, which went internationally viral, received more than 1 million YouTube views, and was featured in hundreds of newspapers, blogs, TV shows and radio programs. He also co-founded TAP Social Media, a boutique-marketing agency located in Philadelphia, PA. James holds a B.A. in Mass Communication from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.

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How To Rebuild Your Trust In The Media

It is my belief that there has never been more distrust by the American public in traditional media outlets than there is today. The political right is angry because they believe that the media is made up of liberals who are putting false spins on stories and people on the left are mad because almost every major news outlet gave Trump far too much free media and got the predictions of the 2016 Presidential race wrong.


Why the ROI of a Single Tweet is Nothing and Everything

As we start a new year, I have been thinking about a topic that often is in my brain, ROI. For most of my career in marketing I have been challenged with proving direct ROI to specific marketing efforts. While I believe proving return on investment is important, it is not always possible to prove direct singular ROI that is traceable or immediately traceable.


Don't Let Your Business Be An Arcus Brothers

I went to college in Northeast Pennsylvania where I discovered a lot of weird things. One of them was a store called Arcus Brothers. While in college a couple of friends were walking by and got conned into helping move mattresses into this dumpy old warehouse that looked like a pawn shop.


What Is Your Going Live Strategy For 2018?

In terms of advances in marketing 2018 will be known for the live stream. Any person or brand can Go Live within seconds and let’s just take a moment to realize how amazing that is.


How Gary Vaynerchuk Helped Me Crush It And It Is Not The Way That You Think

I have been a vocal fanboy of serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk since 2011 when I read my favorite book the Thank You Economy. Pause here, that book changed my life! I recently heard Gary is looking for stories about how his first major book “Crush It” has changed lives for a new book called “Crushed It.” I realize that he is looking for stories of major scaling of businesses, but I think my story is as equally important.


Celebrities Just Don’t Realize How Easy It Is To Do Something Good

We live in the digital revolution and small acts of kindness land huge in this cruel world. Every single celebrity is not doing enough. They can do good things at the same time as helping their personal brands and leaving a great impact on society.


Why I Value My Blue Collar Start

When I was in college and learning about mass communications, journalism and advertising for some reason I always craved summer and winter jobs where I could use my hands. I spent several summers and Christmas breaks working in various warehouses, my favorite being a window and door factory. I learned so much there and met some truly interesting people that I respected and did two full summer and Christmas breaks with that crew.


Three Things Most People Want Their Bosses To Ask Them

I am forever fascinated with HR.


9 Things College Graduates Should Know Before Starting Their First Job

Over the next few weeks many students will be graduating from colleges and universities and starting that tough search for their first post college job. A few years ago I wrote a LinkedIn piece geared toward new college graduates entering the workforce. My views on this topic have already grown since I wrote part 1. So here are some additional thoughts on this topic.


8 Things I Learned About The Internet of Things

This week, I celebrate almost two full years working in the The Internet of Things (IoT). I can clearly say it has been one of the best and challenging years of my life both personally and professionally. My work life has been equally motivating, challenging, and a pure joyful adventure on most days.


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