John Eades Leadership Guru

John is #2 LinkedIn Global Top Voice 2017 – Management & Workplace. He is the CEO of LearnLoft, author of, F.M.L. Standing Out & Being a Leader and host of the 'Follow My Lead' Podcast. He writes or has been featured on, LinkedIn Pulse,,, CNBC Money, and more. John completed his education at the University of Maryland College. 


4 Reasons the Modern Learner Hates Your Training

I remember a time when I thought social networking was a fad and smartphones would never get better than the Palm Pilot Treo. How great was that phone?


How to Rapidly Become a More Effective Leader

So you're struggling to lead a team. It's okay, it happens.


4 Reasons You Should Be More Tenacious

It was the 2015 NBA Finals – game 3. Cleveland Cavaliers backup point guard Mathew Dellavedova would not quit. He played 90 feet of defense every possession, held NBA MVP Stephen Curry to 10-20 shooting with 6 turnovers, and dove on the floor for loose balls a minimum of 7 times. Dellavedova was undrafted out of college, is under-sized and under-skilled, but he had something other players on the court didn’t – tenacity.


The Most Important Conversation a Leader Can Have

I looked up nearly in tears as my manager finished his 30-minute berating rant about my performance, and all I could focus on was the exit sign in the distance. It was my only outlet at that point. I was chasing a goal arbitrarily set by my manager, that I had no chance of achieving unless something miraculous happened.


The People You Should Lead For

I leaned back at my desk, stared up at the ceiling and I said out loud, “It should be this easy all of the time.” I knew everyone on the team was on the same page, a key team member acquired a new skill, and there had been an increase in performance against our leading KPI’s. It just felt as though everything I was doing as a leader was right. As I packed up my bag feeling pretty fantastic, I couldn't wait to get home to see my wife and play with my kids.