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John is the #1 global influencer in digital health and generally regarded as one of the top global strategic and creative thinkers in this important and expanding area. He is also one the most popular speakers around the globe presenting his vibrant and insightful perspective on the future of health innovation. His focus is on guiding companies, NGOs, and governments through the dynamics of exponential change in the health / tech marketplaces. He is also a member of the Google Health Advisory Board, pens HEALTH CRITICAL for Forbes--a top global blog on health & technology and THE DIGITAL SELF for Psychology Today—a leading blog focused on the digital transformation of humanity. He is also on the faculty of Exponential Medicine. John has an established reputation as a vocal advocate for strategic thinking and creativity. He has built his career on the “science of advertising,” a process where strategy and creativity work together for superior marketing. He has also been recognized for his ability to translate difficult medical and scientific concepts into material that can be more easily communicated to consumers, clinicians and scientists. Additionally, John has distinguished himself as a scientific thinker. Earlier in his career, John was a research associate at Harvard Medical School and has co-authored several papers with global thought-leaders in the field of cardiovascular physiology with a focus on acute myocardial infarction, ventricular arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death.

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Sweet! The Secret Branding of Sugar Substitutes

Sugar. An essential nutrient? A cause of obesity and disease? A toxin? Call it what you will, sugar plays a huge role in our lives.  From 1, 6 fructose di-phosphate and its essential metabolic role in the Krebs cycle to the ubiquitous "high fructose corn sugar" that flavors -- for better or worse -- our world. Sugar is all around us. And where there's sugar, there are sugar substitutes.


Ten Steps to Putting a Dent in the Universe!

I love the idea of the fabric of time and space. A fabric that you can touch, fold and wrap around your ideas. It's not my idea. It's the world's idea. Philosopher, thinker, physicist and seeker have all toiled to make that little dent of their own. But actually Steve Jobs owns this one. The actual quote is  “We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?


Yes, Klick Health Really Does Live At The Intersection of Art, Science And Technology

There are lots of superlatives to mention here—from Michelle Obama to Sheryl Crow to a venue that actually sits on top of the world. But my story is a bit different and I'm going to avoid the obvious, and dig a little deeper to what I believe is critical and perhaps even transformative observation.


Is Dividing by Zero a Path to the Divine?

Divide by Zero?! Some of you might remember grade school when the teacher told you that you could NEVER have a zero in the denominator of a fraction. You just can't. Later...maybe in high school or college you might have heard that the "equation blows up" if the bottom part of a fraction is zero.


God, Perception and the Profound Emergence of Virtual Reality

We live in a world where we only experience a small part of reality. From vision to smell, our senses are all are just small subsets of vast reality that is just waiting for us. I wonder what the role of virtual reality and augmented reality will do the the human experience as act as a tool for expanded human awareness. It's not just an experience, but I believe these new technologies will "shift the curve" of human evolution and transform mankind.


It's Time For Physicians To Stand Tall!

Yes, it's all about patient empowerment and the democratization of health. But as we empower the patient, there's someone sitting on the sidelines. It's the physician.


From The Internet Of Things To The Internet Of Life

I think Apple is exactly right. What’s a computer? With recent inroads into health and medicine, Apple is teaching something very special. And its new TV spot hits the nail on the head! It’s not the Internet of Things (IoT), it's the Internet of Life (IoL)!


Apple Takes Another Bold Step Into Health

OK, it’s all the rage. Apple takes another step into the healthcare marketplace. Now, it’s bringing your health records to your smartphone. But here’s the word that Apple used that really caught my attention: effortless. That’s the way Apple is describing their new health record system in a January 24th blog post. 


The 21st Century's Alarm Clock Is About To Go Off

In case you haven't noticed, the 21st century is about to begin. I'll make an argument that it really didn't begin in the year 2000. It's beginning today and that incessant ringing might be your alarm clock signaling that it's time to wake up. Or perhaps for some, it's your smartphone providing a melodic tone that lulls you into snooze mode.


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