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Kamal is the Co-Founder of Xpheno, a specialist talent solutions company that offers direct hire, IT staff augmentation and engineering professional services. Xpheno brings people and companies together, to contribute to the creation of high-performing specialist workforce. Kamal holds a Bachelor degree in Microbiology from Bangalore University. 

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Don't Be Lazy, Write your Own​ Resume

In a world of uncertainty, we don’t know when we will need our CVs to be ready next. Yes, there is LinkedIn for the socially active ones, but how many update it? The majority of LinkedIn profiles describe their tenure with past employers with just designations. It’s an irony that we spend very little time to describe ourselves in the world where self-projection is considered a potent weapon. 


Time we Stopped Over-romancing a Career in IT?

If the IT Industry, with access to the best of talent and financial resources, did not anticipate its future and re-skilled its own people or guided the institutions to produce what they wanted in all these years, who else can be blamed?


When Experience Becomes Liability

When you faced interviews for your first few jobs, did you get rejected for lack of experience? I am sure then you wished you had more experience! Fast forward, every time you got a service anniversary trophy you must have beamed with pride, but now, is experience becoming our enemy?


When Firing Becomes a Necessary Evil!

With the growth in workforce and high demand for talent we introduced Talent Acquisition as a specialization in HR. With increased volatility and economic fluctuations, do organisations need to have specialized teams for Talent Separation? More than that I am debating if Firing is a necessary skill to be developed?


Leaving Us? Let Me Make it Harder for You!

The decision to leave an organisation is hard enough for any employee, so why do employers harass the person leaving? 


What Do You Do When Somebody Calls you Pretty Face?

“You look very pretty Rita” exclaimed our prospective customer. Embarrassed by his compliment I hurriedly looked at my colleague. Rita grinned at me and told him, “My husband was the first to compliment on this today”. The guy almost froze to the spontaneous reaction. The stunned customer never said a thing till we walked off his office. I gave her a high-five for her presence of mind as we left the building.


Best Places to Work! Really?

Rating best employers is a tricky affair – are we getting the parameters right or getting too swayed by frills? I am sure many of you love your organisation. If that’s an exaggeration then let’s say some of us do. At least on the days of salary, bonus, promotions and other self-gain days! But certainly, there must be days when you and your colleagues feel great about working for your organisation. In spite of this do you wonder why your company is not talked about as one of the best employers.


StartUp Culture : Founders Bane?

What’s your imagination of startups & their culture? Couple of orange green bean bags as work stations, smiling faces posing with coffee mugs on social media, overenthusiastic founders in jeans, high five high decibel all around, well-lit open office spaces, a touchy story as to why the founders started the venture. Or few friends working out of their apartment with their old laptops, asking friends and families to fund them. They might be waiting for their customers to give meetings or praying for their first/next paying customer or frustrated convincing their aspirant employees that they are the next big thing.


Needed – A #MeToo Campaign for the Corporate World!

Why are corporates not unmasking managers who make sexual advances towards their colleagues? Hollywood recently exploded with revelations on sexual predation - the likes of which have never been seen before. Looks like the ill-kept secret of tinsel town got to a precipitative point to burst into a #metoo campaign. 


Blackmailing our Bosses! Can we put an end to it?

Oh! You have never done that? think carefully for 2 more minutes, allow some flashback of conversations with your bosses to refresh you. Even now if you are pleading innocent, I will take you through your memory lane in detail.


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