Mark Laudi Media Guru

Mark Laudi is a media and communications mentor with 24 years of expertise in the media industry, including mission-critical B2B communications, crisis communications, public speaking and presentation skills. Besides mentoring business and political leaders worldwide in media skills, public speaking, and conference presentations, Mark is a much-sought-after speaker, conference anchor, and panel moderator at business events. He conducts master classes in media and presentation skills as well as crisis communications workshops for senior executives at a large number of multinationals in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Mark also possesses expertise in investor relations and invests in online startups that cater to the needs of SMEs.


2020 Foresight: How to Compete with Artificial Intelligence

Let’s get real – there is no such thing as artificial intelligence (AI) yet. At best, when people talk about Artificial Intelligence they really mean machine learning. By some predictions, we won’t see truly intelligent machines until the 2030s or later.


The Real Reason Why Asian Conference Delegates Don't Ask Questions during Q&A

To answer this question, let's bring to mind a typical conference experience: The brief interactive plenary presentation is nearing its climax, a focused audience of conference delegates has keenly taken in the handful of highly-engaging visual materials and is waiting with baited breath to hear the expert speaker's conclusion. When the invitation to ask questions comes, a dozen hands shoot up urgently and implore the emcee to hear theirs first.


Should Corporate Communications Officers Act as Spokespeople in the Media?

This question came up in conversation with one of my clients recently. Where do you stand?


Seven Ways to Identify Fake News

The discussion about policing fake news misses one important point. Sure, people shouldn’t publish rubbish and pass it off as news. The sender has a responsibility to ensure what they publish is correct. In the case of the widely-publicised Russian troll farms, the sooner they are shut down the better.


ConnecTech Wrap Up: Comms Professionals Must Get Ready for 5G and Live Streaming Platforms

If there are two takeaways for disciples of communication from this year's #ConnecTech in Singapore, they are (1) the rise of 5G, and (2) the proliferation of live streaming platforms - with huge implications for communications professionals and their senior leadership teams.