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Megan Ray Nichols is a science writer by day & an amateur astronomer by night (at least when the weather cooperates). Megan is the editor of Schooled By Science, a blog dedicated to making science understandable to those without a science degree. She also regularly contributes to Smart Data Collective, Real Clear Science, and Industry Today. Subscribe to Schooled By Science for the latest news.


The Science Behind the Health Benefits of Herbs and Spices

Words like “superfood” are a bit misleading, aren’t they? There’s nothing “super” about them at all — it’s food that’s good for us that we don’t eat enough of.


Scientists on Brink of Creating a Gene in a Single Day

Making DNA isn't a new thing for science — we've been able to make the new DNA stands since the 1970s, but it's a slow process. It requires geneticists to build DNA strands one nucleotide at a time. While the process works, it is prone to errors and limits the buildable genes to a couple of hundred letters — a mere fraction of what makes up a standard gene.


Green Building Trends that are Impacting the Construction Industry

Going green isn't just a buzzword anymore. For many industries, it's turning into a way of life. One industry that has been slow to adopt green trends until now is construction. New green building trends are changing the way the industry looks at everything from building materials to job site waste. Here's how green building trends are impacting the construction industry and how companies can hope to adopt them as their own.


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