Michael Talwar Finance Guru

Michael is a portfolio administrator at M&L Capital Management Ltd. He holds a master’s degree in investment management from Cass Business School. He previously worked at Ralph Lauren as an analyst. Originally a follower of Benjamin Graham, Michael has always been interested in combining a mix of looking for underlying value in the fundamentals of companies, whilst considering this with a view of the wider global economy.


Introducing "Smile To Pay"

Smile to Pay is a concept developed by Alipay. It enables users to pay quickly their food consumption through a combination of facial scanning and mobile phone input. For the time being, Alipay is only offering the Smile to Pay option at the lone KPRO restaurant.


Tesla’s Rise To Greatness

Elon Musk’s new antidote for the gas guzzling automobile market, the Tesla Model 3, released its first 30 cars to close employees on Friday, in order to control for quality issues before its grand international release to the mass market in 2018.


BAT Set to Acquire Reynolds

British American Tobacco (BAT) has come under fire from health campaigners after shareholders approved its buyout of American firm Reynolds on Wednesday, which will create the world’s biggest tobacco company.


The Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain is disrupting the financial industry.  This new technology is simply a distributed ledger that holds records of digital data or events in a way that makes them tamper-resistant. While many users may access, inspect or add to the data, they cannot change or delete it. The original information stays put, leaving a permanent and public information trail, or chain of transactions.