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Mihir Gadhvi is a Director at Illustrake Digital Marketing Services Pvt Ltd. He has commercially focused on social media marketing through consulting and strategies while also helping various brands in growing their businesses. He has worked with over 200 start-ups, SMEs, brands and agencies across the world, offering strategic media support services that increase ROI. Illustrake helps businesses and individuals with all aspects of Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEO & PPC), Branding & Designing, Video Animations, Web/App Development, and Conversion Optimization. He is also the co-founder of 3nions and social media manager of a tech-based resource.


Top 5 Lightroom Mobile Presets You Need to Change Your Instagram Feed

Technology has changed the way we click pictures. Gone are the days when we had to get the negatives converted for a physical photo. Today, our smartphones have made it super-easy. Moreover, there's cloud and social media so storage of the photos isn't an issue. Editing photos has now become the prerequisite to upload them on social media. You would definitely need a photo editor that does it all. We can only think of one name and that is Adobe Lightroom.


How to Use No Crop App for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most widely used app all over the world. Ever since WhatsApp has introduced us with its story feature, it has become favorite for all the users. Most of the Whatsapp users publish their stories on a daily basis. But, a lot of users complain about the automatic cropping of the photos which ultimately ruin their photos. There are indeed various apps available out there that will help you deal with this cropping problem. In this article, we will mainly discuss "UnClip(No Crop & Square for Instagram)" application for Whatsapp and Instagram as it is one of the best and simple apps that can be used for No Crop Photo editing.


Samsung Note 10 Launch Scheduled for Today

Samsung is going to unveil its 9th generation Note series smartphone today in Brooklyn, New York at the Barclays Center. It's one of the most anticipated mobile launches of the year and it will dethrone the Note 9 as this year's Note flagship.


10 Best Music Player Apps For Android

Imagine a life without music? Won't it be mundane and boring as hell? I thought so too. Music does make your life better. put your earplugs on and enjoy, or blast your speakers and make your party happening. Music is the ultimate source of fun. Over the years music has changed and so has its means of consumption. We have transitioned from record tapes to cassettes, from radio to iPods. And now it's our smartphone that's the source of our music consumption. It's easy, fast and is available to you anytime and anywhere.


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