Muqbil Ahmar Environmental Guru

Muqbil is India's #1 LinkedIn Top Voice 2017. He is a tech evangelist, environmentalist, women's rights advocate, editor, and founder of He is an experienced broadcast and print journalist with a demonstrated history of operating in the media industry. His main area of interest are social issues, tech, economy, economy, films and arts & culture. Muqbil holds a master of arts (M.A.) and PGDM in broadcast journalism from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication.

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Understanding Various Aspects of India's Water Crisis

India’s water sources are dwindling and there is a water crisis. The depletion causes droughts and worsens agrarian situation in Maharashtra and Northern Karnataka, which are the two worst hit parts. Large parts of Karnataka, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Madhya Pradesh are ranked over withdrawal areas. Demand exceeds 100 percent of availability.


COP23: The Fight Against Climate Change Continues

A couple of weeks ago, climate change was placed at the centre of global diplomacy as ministers and countries' representatives from all around the world gathered in Bonn, Germany, for the latest annual round of the United Nations climate talks (COP23). While technical negotiations to carry out the Paris Agreement didn’t produce many fireworks as expected, the meeting saw some important announcements on coal and a new coalition of U.S. climate leaders filling the diplomatic space abdicated under President Trump. 


World's Youngest Woman Commander

Meet Anny Divya, from Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh), the 30-year-old Indian woman pilot who has become the world's youngest woman to command a Boeing 777 aircraft. Breaking all stereotypes and societal norms, Anny made history with Air India, the carrier which created a record after it flew across the globe, led by an all-female crew on the occasion of last year's International Women’s Day.


Let's Fight Mental Health Stigma

Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone recently opened up about being depressed. Other actors such as Pratyusha Banerjee or Jiah Khan committed suicide. Mental health disorders are common these days. In fact, Deepika Padukone has gone ahead and founded an NGO called Live Laugh Love in order to fight depression.


Green Diwali

Civil society groups all over India are coming together to campaign for a green Diwali. This Diwali could be the harbinger of a movement against the noise pollution and air contamination unleashed by ear shattering firecrackers and reducing sweets and sugar intake. Diwali, in the traditional sense, has little to do with myriad fireworks.


The Evolution of the Workplace

Work is no more a place that you go to, it is an activity that can be done from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day.


Big Data & Sports

Several new-age digital transformation technologies are making a substantial impact on the world of sports. Modern disruptive innovations such as Big Data, Analytics, and The Internet of Things (Iot) are being put to widespread use. 


Go Green computing !

There is little doubt about the huge data center boom in the world, particularly in the Asia Pacific. Companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Google are spending billions to build data centers. While Google set up its first data centers in Singapore and Taiwan, Amazon Web Services (AMS) built data centers in Singapore and Tokyo. 


Promoting eGovernance with Blockchain

Blockchain have been hailed by the World Economic Forum as technology pioneer, with many financial experts terming it as “the next best thing after the Internet.” Industry leaders consider the impact of the new accounting technology to be as significant as the introduction of double entry more than 500 years ago. Apart from being faster and more agile than existing systems, blockchain allow transparency in accounting as every transaction is captured in real time. Governments are also looking at blockchain as an innovative platform to promote eGovernance.