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Nate Chai has worked with content in all types of media for the last decade, at school and university in a summer position, and then full time in creating English and business workshops. His last position was as the editor for, one of the largest UK on-line publishers until it was sold about a year ago. At ITProportal, Nate was responsible for the creation of content for key customers, ensuring good editorial processes, recruiting and managing writers. Several of our customers were iconic brands such as Microsoft, Mercedes, and Orange as well as smaller businesses.


How to Choose Your Clients

There are some books that plunge into your heart, take hold of your still-beating vital muscle, and rips it out whilst living on a yacht, raising kids with scholarships to Oxford University, and curing cancer on the side.


The Power of Consistency

One of the most important messages I drill into people at my free events is this simple formula:


How to Properly Educate Your Audience

If you're looking to increase the number of clients you have or shorten the time between meeting them and them buying from you, this article is for you.


Three of the Most Common Misconceptions about Sales Funnels

The word "funnel" is used all over the place and my clients are constantly asking for advice about building a funnel...the only problem is that there's a lot of misconceptions about what a funnel is and what it does and more importantly how to build one.


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