Naveen Joshi Tech Guru

Naveen is the Founder and CEO of Allerin, a software solutions provider that delivers innovative and agile solutions that enable to automate, inspire and impress. He is a seasoned professional with more than 20 years of experience, with extensive experience in customizing open source products for cost optimizations of large scale IT deployment. He is currently working on Internet of Things solutions with Big Data Analytics. Naveen completed his programming qualifications in various Indian institutes.


Introducing Cobots

The rise of cobots will automate various business procedures and increase overall productivity in the workplace.


Building Intelligent Workplaces with AI and IoT

Business leaders are introducing the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace to enhance productivity, performance, and employee experience.


It Takes More than AI to Build a Successful Chatbot

No human involvement, round the clock access, and prompt replies cover almost all the USPs of a chatbot? Well, not that of an exceptional chatbot for sure. To build a successful chatbot, along with AI, companies need to focus on gathering critical data points so that chatbots handle conversations not just intelligently but appropriately.


The Transformative Role of Chatbots in Marketing

Chatbot-powered marketing is all about helping marketers with time-intensive tasks like consistent customer support, lead generation, and sales enhancement, allowing them to have leisure time for strategizing to meet their business objectives.


Robo-Advisors: The Next Phase of Fintech Evolution

The deployment of robo-advisors in fintech will offer effective financial advice and automate asset management, investments, and insurance claims processing.