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Naveen is the Founder and CEO of Allerin, a software solutions provider that delivers innovative and agile solutions that enable to automate, inspire and impress. He is a seasoned professional with more than 20 years of experience, with extensive experience in customizing open source products for cost optimizations of large scale IT deployment. He is currently working on Internet of Things solutions with Big Data Analytics. Naveen completed his programming qualifications in various Indian institutes.

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Internet of Things for fashionistas

Internet of Things (IoT) has found its way into the fashion industry taking it to a whole new level. This revolutionary technology has something in store for everyone – fashion buffs, designers, retailers, and fashion market in general.


5 Ways to Turn Big Data into Insights

No matter how vast your big data sources are, if your company does not devise the right methods to garner meaningful insights from it, the data is of no avail.


Chatbots for Conversational Commerce

As consumers are getting increasingly involved in messaging apps, companies are now partnering with tech firms to increase user interaction through chatbots. This initiative has developed into a whole new domain called Conversational Commerce.


5 Blockchain Predictions to Watch Out for in 2018

Blockchain is here to stay. In the following article, we will provide you the latest predictions in 2018 to showcase that the blockchain technology will continue to gain traction rapidly in numerous fields.


Big Data for Greener Fields

If tractors transformed farming in the Middle Ages, big data is set to revolutionise agriculture in the modern era. Get ready for some big action with big data in agriculture!


Preparing Your Business for Blockchain

Leveraging the blockchain technology helps marketers transform their business and digitize their transaction workflows smoothly and efficiently.


Blockchain and Insurance

The Insurance sector holds a crucial importance for everybody as it deals directly with the safety of our lives and assets. Big data analytics help companies in taking the right decisions by providing them with innovative intuitive insights. Big data use cases in the field of insurance exemplify what an industry can do, given the right insights.


Blockchain and Shipping

The application of blockchain in the shipping industry is a giant leap from traditional to ‘truly’ modern.


Recruitment and the Internet of Things

To secure success with IoT, businesses must first strive to build a proper foundation.


The Next Game Changer: Holographic Technology

Holographic technology has the potential to be a game changer for a lot of industries and may probably significantly influence our daily lives in the near future.


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