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Nitin is a Management Consultant at McKinsey & Company and Board of Trustees Member at the Naperville Public Library. He advises Company Boards, CEOs and BU heads on product strategy, growth and operations. He also has multiple US patents (5) for design and development of mobile, wireless and networking technology including a patent to extend smartphone battery life. Nitin holds a masters in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA in Marketing & Finance from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. 

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Slowing iPhone and What About Product Performance?

Apple was in the news this weekend for at least 2 reasons. One, for smoothening out instantaneous peaks on your iPhone and two, for getting sued for doing so.


The Importance of Hardware

When I started my career building one of the most iconic products – Motorola Razr - I learnt that hardware always matters. My learning has stood the test of time.


The Largest Tech Deal is Underway

One of Apple’s iPhone supplier – Broadcom – has been in the news for bidding $100B+ for another one of their supplier – Qualcomm. Besides being iPhone suppliers, Broadcom and Qualcomm are also one of the biggest players in the industry that makes chips that power the iPhone - semiconductors (It is also an industry in which I started my career in early 2000s).


What Might Juicero do Next?

Earlier in the year, hardware startup Juicero, found itself facing questions from skeptics about the $399 price of its juicer and also, if their core product - the juicer - was even needed in the first place to squeeze fresh juice. 


The Secrets of Digital Transformation

Did you know that roughly 70% of business transformations fail? Isn’t this statistic mind-boggling? You would think that large and successful companies who are pioneers in their fields would be good at transforming their businesses. After all, these companies have a track record of creating unprecedented value by developing successful products or providing state-of-the-art services. However, the reality is that they also struggle with transformations.


The Next Big Technology Battleground

Our eyes are the next battleground for technology dominance. It’s not because of what’s happening now. It’s because of what happened in the past, and what’s coming next. Roughly 40 years back, the first PC was launched. Since then, several battles for technology dominance ensued.


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