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Parul Agrawal is an International Bestselling Author, Speaker, Forbes Coaches Council Member and Podcast Host. She holds a double Master’s in Engineering from Arizona State University (ASU); worked as a Research Scientist at ASU and Engineer for Intel Corporation. In an effort to help others address major medical issues and live more healthily, she pursued holistic studies and acquired her certification as a wellness expert. After launching a successful Wellness Coaching business, Parul delivered the message of health through public speaking in various community centers and corporations. Parul’s life and business changed dramatically after she wrote a book on the benefits of juicing that became an International Bestseller in multiple categories. The book’s phenomenal success resulted in her being featured in major publications like the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Forbes and as a guest on ABC Arizona. Parul has not only continued her success as an author and businesswoman, but she has paid-it-forward, by helping over 100 writers become bestselling authors, too! She is the founder of an International Publishing Platform where she helps thought leaders in the areas of health, wellness and consciousness write their books, achieve bestseller authority status, and land in mainstream media - just like she did! Parul is currently experiencing the honor of being listed as one of the 30 change-makers in India for the year 2018.

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Creating Magic While Using Logic - Journey of a Mompreneur

When we let logic get in the way of magic, we remove seeds of magic from the soil of logic. Noam Kostucki 


What is Happiness? - Journey of a Mompreneur

Ever since I started working on my “Happiness Project”, I have been agonizing over the meaning of Happiness. The dictionary meaning of Happiness is “ the state of being happy”. In other words being satisfied, contended, joyful, in good spirits and at peace with our current situation. Happiness is not something you experience all the time because according to scientists it isn’t physically possible for most people to stay happy always. 


5 lessons I learned after watching The Intern - Journey of a Mompreneur

A couple of years ago, I recently had the golden opportunity of watching the movie “The Intern”. I rarely watch movies and this is not a movie review. But “The Intern” is worth its weight in gold with its life lessons especially if someone is on an entrepreneurial journey like me and I am taking this opportunity to share my learning via this article.


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