Paul Wilson Society Guru

Paul is Director of Strategy, EMEA at Starcom. He is a Global Strategist with experience that spans a variety of sectors (CPG, Tech, Pharma and Finance) and disciplines (Media, Advertising, CRM and Sales Promotion). He is responsible for European Strategy across all Starcom Global Network Clients including Samsung, P&G, Coke, Airbnb, Novartis, Etihad, Mars. Paul holds a Bachelor in Biological Sciences, Zoology from the University of Oxford.


How Music Can Help Make Work More Enjoyable

Much of the discussion about music at work focuses on who likes to listen to music when they work vs who doesn’t. But what if music could play a much richer role at work beyond just acting as a means to block out your colleagues? And what if music could provide a more enjoyable way to improve productivity beyond spreadsheets and processes. Here are a few thoughts to put and song in your step and more music in your work life. 


How Running Can Help You Create a Better Working Life

Almost two years ago, I returned to running after a break of fifteen years. Running had always been a big part of my life but I had just lost the habit and other things - job, child, life - had gotten in the way.


What Does Your Audience Smell Like?

When I started in advertising I used to moderate my own focus groups. These were often conducted in someone’s sitting room in a small town somewhere in the UK. But sometimes groups would be conducted in a fancy market research facility complete with two-way mirror so other people could view the session.


Finding Inspiration When You Don’t Feel Inspired

As you become more senior in an organisation you increasingly have to inspire others. And when your job and business depends on you for inspiration it’s a problem if you run out of inspiration yourself.


How LinkedIn Can Help Introverts Network Better

LinkedIn is currently running a campaign - #ThisIsSuccess – that explores the changing definition of success in today’s workplace. What is success? How do you judge if you are successful? And how has the definition of success changed over the years?